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Who Likes Anime?

Aash Li

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I read the first Ranma 1/2 old style manga. Not too bad.

I saw some Tenshi back in the day, then I watched again. Never thought I'd say this but I miss the old days.




I like Birdy the Mighty and it's a shame they can't seem to get a continuation on the Decode series. There is 26 episodes, well done, but it kinda leaves off on a cliffhanger obviously intent on more chapters happening which haven't come to fruition. Their manga with more story content is being translated as we speak.



I have the entire series of Witchblade but never watched, or Eureka Seven. E7, ehh, I sorta already know, but I probably couldn't stand the indecisive tard protagonist anymore. I know the western basis for Witchblade so when things slow down I may watch it.


Never did see Dragon Ball nor DBZ all the way through. So I watch team four star and their abridged versions. Excellent take on that series.


One Piece...initially I was kinda meh about it because I couldn't take it too seriously; Now I realize that's the beauty of OP--you're not supposed to. And now that I've seen the subtitled version instead of the crappy kiddy dub for Luffy, I realize what a cocky bastard he really is. If you combined that stretchy dude from Fantastic 4 and Bender you might come close to Luffy. Much better.

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