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Star Wars Collectible Card Game


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Anyone know where I can find info about this?

I have somewhere around 800 cards that I do not know the value of, some of which I believe are rare.


These cards have just been sitting around in my room for 4-5 years so if anyone knew anything, please help..

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Anyone know where I can find info about this?

I have somewhere around 800 cards that I do not know the value of, some of which I believe are rare.


These cards have just been sitting around in my room for 4-5 years so if anyone knew anything, please help..

well, I'm sure you know of this site, though it's always good for reference ;)


Official Site:



On this site, go here for sortable lists (tells if they are rare as well):



StarWars Site related:



Pretty decent site on the whole game. Though a buying guide might require some digging ;) :


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Does anyone still play this? It`s just sitting around in my room so I`d sell it to someone who play if there are anyone that is :D

I`ve made a list of what darkside cards I have now, I was amazed to discover that I had a bunch of R2\R1 cards


thanks for the links!

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Those links will be your best bet. If they are WotC and not Decipher (you didn't specify, Decipher had the license to the card game back in the mid/ late '90s), that game to my knowledge is still played by people because WotC still supports it. eBay can also be good to see how many people are willing to dish out those big prices that price guides list.


I actually have the Deciper starter set I got for a bday gift. I remember I had just seen the SE in '97 openeing day when I got it. Don't ask why I got bday gift in Jan/ Feb instead of July. I don't rememeber what was going on. I also have some WotC cards from TPM and a few promo ones here and there from AotC that got sent my way. I never really looked into the price. Maybe I ought to do that, huh? I may be sitting on something of value here I didn't even ever want to begin with :p

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My cards are decipher most likely since they are so old...

Here`s my dark side list of cards;


Unfortunately I do not now which series most of these are from...




Interrupt\effect cards;


Our first catch of the day

You overestimate your chances

There is no try

Unexpected interruption

Broken Concentration

Tuscen scavengers

2 Set for stun


2 Dark hours

Special delivery

3 Macroscan


He is not ready

shot in the dark

2 Dark Strike

Furry Furry

2 Comscan detection

Defensive fire

Cloud city sabacc

Elis Helrot

Levitation attack

2 Those Rebels won`t escape us

2 Close Call

3 Voyeur

3 A dangerous time


Human Shield


4 Sonic Bombardment

2 Monnok

Ability, Ability, Ability

3 Dead Jawa

2 It`s worse

Jawa pack

I am your father

Precise Attack

Double Rack

3 I`ve got a problem here

2 Uncertain is the future

2 Take Evasive action


Double-Crossing No-Good Swindler

A dark time for the rebellion

The empire`s back

2 Control

Collateral Damage

Tusken Scanvengers

It`s worse

Shattered hope

Imperial Decree

2 Blast door controls

Restricted access

4 Awwww, cannot get your ship out


Sudden Impact

Too cold for speeders

2 Undercover

3 Oh, switch off

Rite of passage

3 Imperial barrier

Dark maneuvers

Scanning crew

Trinto Duaba


2 Tallon roll

2 Apology accepted

2 E chu ta

That`s it, the rebels are there?

3 Blasted droid

Ommni box

Dark Deal

2 Tie sentry ships

Death star sentry

Swilla Corey

Stunning leader

Your eyes can deceive you

2 Imperial code cylinder

2 Something hit us!

2 Shut him up or shut him down

Projective telepathy

Breached defenses

3 Ket Maliss

Program Trap









Captain Khurgee

Lieutenant Commander Ardan

Lieutenant Cabbel

2 Comm Chief

Chief Bast

Warrant Officer M`Kac

2 Imperial Helmsman

Admiral Motti

General Tagge

Lieutenant Suba

Lieutenant Tanbris

Commander Desanne

6 R1-G4

Danz Borin



3 Imperial Pilot

Death Star gunner


Tech mo`r

5 Tusken raider


Lt. Shann Childsen




2 Imperial Squad leader

3 Stormtrooper

Imperial trooper guard

Tonnika Sisters

2 Death star tropper

WED15-17 Septoid Droid

Cloud City trooper

Captain needa

Lieutenant Tanbris

2 Corporal Vandolay

2 AT-AT driver

M´iiyoom onith


Space Slug



2 Tibanna gas miner

Trooper jerrol blendin






Vader`s Custom Tie

Executor SUPER-CLASS Star Destroyer

Hounds Tooth

Tractor Beam

2 Enhanced TIE laser cannon

2 Tie avenger

Blizzard 1

Blizzard walker

Proton bombs

Ion cannon

Black 4

mobquet a-1 deluxe fighter

2 bespin motors void spider thx 1138

2 lift tube

2 Ubrikken 9000 Z001

2 Bantha :D

2 Gaderffi Stick

Jawa blaster

Stormtrooper backpack

2 restraining bolt

laser gate

2 droid detector

portable fusion generator

storm trooper utility belt

observation holocam


Blaster scope

3 Blaster rifle

2 Dark Jedi lightsaber

Cloud Car

Tie Vanguard

Black 3

Tie Bomber

Tie scout

Electro rangefiner

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Err, not sure if Decipher is worth anything since the game's not supported and hasn't been for years. I'm sure there are a bunch of guys that played the game and still do, but most card collectors are probably younger or switched to WotC and don't use Decipher anymore. That's the problem if the collection is of a game. If the company doesn't support it anymore, lack of players make the items go down in price.

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