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Flight of Serenity


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An RPG continuation of the movie Serenity, beginning several months after the movie ends.


It's about a crew working in outer-space 500 years in the future. They take on legal and not-so-legal jobs, until they picked up Simon Tam and his sister, River. River was experimented on by the Alliance (the government), and as a result is psychic and posseses great fighting ability. They've been running and hiding from the Alliance, keeping the Tams safe.


Summary of the movie (obviously spoilers):





You can choose any of the movie's characters:


Capt. Malcom Reynolds (the leader, a Han Solo-ish figure, fought with the Independents (a.k.a. the Browncoats) against the Alliance in the Unification war)


Zoe Alleyne (second-in-command onboard Serenity and loyal wartime friend of Reynolds. Lost her husband, Wash, during Serenity.)


Jayne Cobb: (the hired muscle. A skilled mercenary, is lower class, uneducated, and appears to lack either morals or ethics of any kind. Jayne is often ready to sell out his crew, and sometimes appears to cross over the line between "good guy" and "bad guy". At the same time, he sometimes displays unexpected emotional sensitivity.)


Kaylee Frye (ship's mechanic. With no formal training, she keeps the ship, Serenity, running with an intuitive mechanical talent. Has a romantic relation ship with Simon Tam)


Inara Serra (a Companion, which is the 26th century equivalent of a Courtesan, sometimes mistaken for a prostitute. Has a strained romantic relationship with Reynolds.)


Simon Tam (a medical researcher and trauma surgeon of the first caliber, on the run after breaking his sister River out of a government research facility.)


River Tam ( a genius and child prodigy, but suffered from unspecified experimentation at the hands of Alliance doctors. Has great psychic and fighting abilities)



Before we begin, everyone choose a character, I'll choose from whoever is left over

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So those of us who've seen the movie (or Firefly, the TV show) know what River's like, but none of you know what my character's like. So let me introduce her.


Name: Amanda Grace

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: 5' 4" tall, 120 pounds, curly red hair to her shoulders, gray-green eyes

Equipment: Amanda wears dark, non-restricting clothing and a black ankle-length coat she has a habit of dropping when she fights. In her hands, any loose thing can be a weapon.


Bio: At ten years of age, Amanda was taken from her family after she was found to be highly intelligent. Her parents were told she would be taught at a smaller, more focused school. They lied. Amanda was taken by the Alliance. They performed tests, altered her mental structure in much the same way they had done with River. But where River is psychic, Amanda is telepathic and telekinetic. She has progressed far enough in the conditioning to have control over these abilities.


Amanda’s unique abilities are making the Alliance much more careful about who makes contact with her. They aren't quite sure how she can read minds and move things and people without touching them, but they don't want her going rogue like River did.


Now, it is nearing the time when Amanda will be released as a weapon. Her target: Serenity.

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((Starting it before I mysteriously disappear and WJ suddenly takes charge of all my characters :D))


Serenity flew across space, approaching a large heavily populated planet. Inside an arguement was going on as the Captain headed to the cabin.


"We're too close to the core worlds. The Alliance will be on the look-out for my sister!" Argued Simon.


"Relax. There's been absolutely no Alliance activity against us for months now. We're finally getting a chance to do some good legitemate work, aren't you the one always complaining 'bout the Alliance arresting us."


"Yes, flying right into their hands is much better. "


"Look, trust me. The Alliance won't even know we're there. They're too busy dealing with angry citizens from the transmission. I've made my decision and that's final."


Simon shook his head, and walked off. Mal walked into the cockpit. He looked sadly at the dinosaurs on the dashboard. Out of respect for Wash, they hadn't been moved. He saw down at the chair and began preparations for landing.

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Kaylee entered the cockpit with grease stains all over her shirt and face.


- "We lost yet another pannel of the forward shield, and while we're down there I guess I'm gonna have to check out the reactor again, it seems that after Miranda it keeps leaking" - Kaylee said.

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River watched silently from the copilot's chair as Mal entered the cockpit. She pointed at one of the dinosaurs when she saw him looking at them. "That one's tail snapped off yesterday." The tail was back in place... but, "I glued it back on."


She shrugged and stared out into space.

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"Hanging in there." Replied Mal. "Like she's been since it happened."


Zoe had remained mostly in their room, mourning. She was still good in a fight, but there was a notable difference in her behavior in the ship. Soon after she arrived in the cockpit.


"What's the job this time?"


"Legal. Just a simple delivery, from here to Persephone. "


Zoe nodded.


"It's just medical supplies and food. So there shouldn't be any trouble. So Jayne, try to behave this time."

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"Can I?" River asked suddenly, putting her feet back on the floor and reaching for the copilot controls.


((Be a little distrustful of this, JM... I imagine she's tried before... maybe she's sensed Reavers before and freaked out, nearly crashing Serenity before Mal could take over... :p ))

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River glanced over at Mal and made a face at him, knowing he was tense and ready for takeover.


"No Reavers," she repeated. The ship entered the atmosphere and River directed it to a smooth landing. When the ship was settled, she turned to Mal.


"See?" she said. "No Reavers."


Then she winced. "Something worse!"


She bolted from the cockpit.

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