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Flight of Serenity


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"Your thoughts tell me you're being truthful," the girl muttered. She shrugged. "Alright then. You've proven to me I have been trusting liars for no reason better than that they made me what I am."


She stood slowly. Simon stared and seemed to be trying to open his mouth.


"You have nothing to fear from me," she said as it became clear she was telekinetically holding Simon's mouth shut. "Don't say those words, Doctor. I am no longer interested in fighting."


"How'd you get out of those handcuffs?" Simon demanded. The girl laughed.


"I'm a telepath and a telekinetic, Doctor," she answered, still giggling. "Did you really think that handcuffs could hold me when I can manipulate even small things?"


She turned to Mal. "Well, Captain, what's next? Do you want me to open my thoughts to River, let her tell you I really mean no harm to any of you?"

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((It would be helpful for me in playing this character if y'all would post some of the things your characters are thinking... after all, she's a reader :) ))


River came into the room and there were several seconds of silence. Finally River spoke.


"She followed our trail for a long time," she said. "Then, she found us. She didn't understand why you didn't kill her. She wants to learn."


River turned to look at Mal. "She doesn't want to hurt us anymore."

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((I just saw the movie yesterday and I loved it, so I want to join the story. But I don't acctually want to play a movie character. Is it okay if I just create my own? Also, can someone give me a 30-50 word summury of the story so far so I don't have to read it all. I did skim through some and I read the first bunch of posts where everyone was picking characters.))

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((Well, we could do that they're looking for a replacement pilot for Wash.


So far they went to one of the more central planets to get a job, legal and legit. But when they arrived they were ambushed by the girl. There was a fight, and Simon finished it by speaking the words to put the girl and River to sleep. Now the girl says that the alliance had lied to her about the crew and that she means no harm.))


Zoe stood at the door. She was angry, she knew that the same people who had killed her husband had now sent another assasin after them.


Malcom was worried, mostly for the same reasons. Last time the Alliance had sent someone after them, Book and Wash had died. He was reluctant to take any more chacnes this time. His eyes narrowed.


"What's your name?"

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((Yeah that makes sense, okay I'll make a pilot.))


Name: Alex Fiosom

Age: 20


Appearence: Alex stands five feet and eleven inches tall, he has a thin build but is muscular and fit. He looks two or three years younger than he is has a handsome face. The young man's short hair is dyed a smokey gray and styled in a messy sort of widow's peak. When Alex goes out he styles hismself in a very underground hardcore punk style, but lounging around the house or the ship he dresses fairly casually like a normal person.


There is a small scar on the left side of his jaw bone, and another across his left eyebrow. On his right arm a gruesome twisted scar extends from elbow to wrist. The tip of his pinky finger was cut off. Another scar decorates his shoulder and the last of his scars is his left leg just above his knee. All of these scars were from the war.


Personality: Alex is a sad lonely person, the war killed almost everyone he knew, his family and his friends. Alex has some bitterness in his heart, especially for the Parliment, but he is still a kind and compasionate person. From a young age he was shown the importance of love and truth by his parents, and he clings to that.


History: Alex was orphaned by the war when he was 16, he joined the army despite being underage and became a top fighter pilot. Alex earned 12 medals during his 3 years as a fighter pilot. When the war ended Alex used his skill to earn money as a freelancer. Malcom and Zoe both new Alex during the war and ran into him a few times after. Alex was low on work and Serenity was in need of a new pilot, so Alex asked if he could join them.


((Oh yeah, one more thing, in the movie Jayne was not as bad as you say. And he would never sell out the crew. He has a bit of a drinking problem, and an agressive personality, but he's still a nice guy.))

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((You should watch the TV show, Firefly... Jayne sells out Simon and River somewhere in there, though I have yet to see that episode... Also, in another episode, there's mention that the money wasn't worth turning on the crew. Mal asks what'll happen when it is and Jayne says that'll be a pretty interesting day. Mal agrees.))

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