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Post your clan details here!


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Post here your clan info here people ho are looking for a clan can compare clans thay want to join

please keep it ontopic

and use the table below to explain your clan


Clan Name:




Co Leaders:

Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan:





Clan Name: -]RedCell[-

Site: http://Http://www.redcellgaming.com

Forum: *on the site*

Leader: Nokill

Co Leaders: Hunter, Chaos, Sparky, Vile, plazma, splinter etc etc...

Clan Email: redcellclan@gmail.com

Story aboud your clan:

RedCell is a former DarkForces clan that started out in late 1995.

after jk2 came we started to go over to that game and we have played that for a long time and we also moved on to jka then after a year of that we expendet to battlefront 2, Call of Duty 2 and republic commando and now we will also expand to Empire at War

well we already have a few members telling thay whan't to join the team

and we hope to get some more




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Clan Name:Imperial Security Squadron (ISS)




Forum: On Site


Leader: Dirk Pitt, on forums Wolfe and online ISSWolfe


Co Leaders:Cox, Sithman1138(Adthrawn), and Darktrooper


Clan Email:none at the moment, we use PMs


Story aboud your clan:

Founded in late 2005 and commissioned in 2006 the Imperial Security Squadron was formed to be a small clan, but our ranks quickly swelled, soon we will be closing(I think) recruits so that we can focus on quality rather than quantity. We strive to be the friendlist clan and make sure everyone gets the best training(if needed) and help available from our members. I hope you decide to join our ranks while this clan is still open.(It may not close this idea is being debated.)

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Clan Name: Blacksquadron

Site: http://www.blacksquadron.ws

Forum: http://www.blacksquadron.ws/forum

Leader: Fleet Admiral KaBoom

Co Leaders: Admiral Gravity

Clan Email: admin@blacksquadron.com

Story aboud your clan:


We are a military dictatorship with a fleet breakdown into Task Groups for all supported games ( Star Wars : Empire At War. Any one with any of the aforementioned game is welcome to join Bs| as long as they are not currently serving in another fleet/clan that supports the game. Full history of our clan here.

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Clan Name: Protectors of the Realm

Site: http://www.PRClan.org

Forum: http://www.PRClan.org/comlink/

Leader: Masta

Co Leaders: Wizard, DarthVader, Chieftain0

Clan Email: masta@prclan.org


Story aboud your clan:

We are a multigaming organisation that was formed in 2001 in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Our organisation is broken down into divisions. Anyone is welcome to enlist in our organisation and we accept anyone from any part of the world (provided that you speak English).

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Clan Name: Petro Fans Forums, PFF

Site: Under Construction

Forum: http://pff.swrebellion.com

Leaders: Ghostly Substance, Cain and Ismael

Co-Leaders: Foshjedi, ZeroGravity & Teradyn.



Story about the Clan:

PFF is the Brainchild of Fosh and Ghostly. We are a community clan so are not bothered about ranks etc. We are more of a Guild or Gaming Group.

You just need to register on the PFF forums to join. There are no tryouts.

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Clan Name: Team Allied Guardians

Site: http://www.team-allied-guardians.co.nr/ (Not Updated in awhile)

Forum: http://s13.invisionfree.com/Allied_Guardians/index.php?act=idx (Main site)

Leader: Thegeneral

Co Leaders: Mace-Jin-Kenobi, Commander



Story aboud your clan: Well, i dont really know, but from what i heard, our clan was started by Thegeneral, Mace, Commander, Greatmagnus and Kiddestructo as a Union on Gamespot. They created a site, began recruting and a great clan grew. So come check us out!

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Clan Name:GSR (short for Galactic Supremacy Republic)

Site: http://www.gsrclan.com (template down, due to lazy webdesigner)

Forum: http://www.gsrclan.com/comcenter

Leader:No real leader although GSR_rebel is the founder and GSR_Dave_J2 is an unwilling elusive leader

Clan Email:We have one somewhere we dont check it so its best to say hello on our boards.



GSR was founded in 2000 and at the time played a star wars RTS called force commander. It has dabbled in other games rts and star wars alike and was even silly enough to try the cursed star wars galaxies.


Like most clans of its age it has had its rises and falls and comprises of a lot of old timers but is welcoming to new players.

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Clan Name: The Imperial Raiders

Site: http://impraiders.forumsplace.com

Leader: me

Co Leaders: st_jimmy and sg.darth

Clan Email: dont have one

Story aboud your clan: Me and my two friends (st_jimmy, and sg.darth) all got the game when it came out. So we decided to make a clan. We are a millitary/democracy clan. Everyone is treated fairly and all are respected. (unless they are real idiots!) We are looking for members from anywhere in the world but, you must speak english.

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clan name: Destroyers of Peace =[)DP(]=


leader: Dogg

co leader: Wr@th

fourm: on dp site

story: well doggy started dp about a year ago. we are from axis and allies rts we were one of the top two clans in that game and are now pwning the land ladder in this one.jk we are a cool group of guys we have a couple high schoolers but most of us are in our 20s and some in there 30s. we love to win but not at the cost of our honor. rumors are being spread among eaw that we are quiters but i call it exception errors. i know you all know what im talkin about. we welcome any guy willing to be the best, act like an adult, treat all people with respect and it would be nice if you had team speak. we also do sig design on our site as well. even if your in a rival clan we would be happy to make a sig for you.

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Clan Name: The Fallen Lords


Site: http://TFL.Elsven.com


Forum: http://tflclan.myfreeforum.org/index.php


Leader: Ginius


Co Leaders: Mad_Bomber, Tank0


Clan Email: N/A


Story aboud your clan: TFL came into being in the Homeworld series, A total 3d strategy space game. We still have a presence in HW:Cataclysm and we are the dominant clan in HW:2. As the Homeworld series are dying and the community lessens, we decided to branch out into future games, Sins of a Solar Empire and Supreme Commander.

While we wait for these games to be released we also decided to venture into EaW, of which I am the proud Captain and although our presence is erratic, we have already begun to establish a skilled reputation, in the UK lobby at least. We strive for domination and we can see we have a lot of work ahead of us in challenging so many clans but be assured, you will all be hearing from me soon ;)


:guiness: here's to the good games to come.

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Clan Name: La Flotte Bleue

Site: http://amiralaria.free.fr

Forum: http://amiralaria.free.fr/index.php?file=Forum

Leader: Hisian Aria (Amiral Ace)

Co Leaders: None for the moment.

Clan Email: ace@yyd.fr.st

Story aboud your clan:

We are the first fench-speaking clan upon EaW that was created. Our main aim is to focus on strategy and roleplay, in addition to taking part in other clan events.

The Blue Fleet is a secret fleet of the Alliance, and was created in order to investigate weird phenomenons of the galaxy and help the Alliance as a hidden weapon to strike the enemy when he can't expect it. The story of the Blue Fleet has already been written in fan fictions, from the star wars age 18 AY till the Yuuzhan Vong, but the goal of the EaW one is to tell its creation and its first achievements.

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Guest DarthMaulUK

Hi all


Thanks for all the info so far. Please keep it coming. We are revamping our clan area and will include a short write up about your clan and logos etc on the main site.



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Clan Name: Imperial Death Legion... <IDL>

Site: Under Construction


Leader: Biohazard044

Co Leaders: SOUPsix, darthrobert7

Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan: The IDL was founded early 2006 and commissioned soon there after.


The clan leader, Biohazard044, is an ex-Rebel that succumed to the dark side in his quest for universal fame and notoriety.


SOUPsix has always been a part of the Empire. He started out as a pilot and has made a very good name for himself as a fighter AND Starbase commander.


The most recent addition to the clan was Darthrobert7. He has proven himself in several battles, even helped in taking down Biohazard044 before he turned to the dark side. Darthrobert7 is a master at battlefield strategies.


Biohazard044 is currently enlisting clan members. Please email: redwing_nutso@yahoo.com if your interested in enlisting.

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Clan Name:[GLR] Glorieuze Leger van de Republiek, Glorieus Army of the Republic




Co Leaders:[GLR]PloKloon

Clan Email:utahraptor89@hotmail.com

Story aboud your clan: The GLR is a clan welcome for everyone.

Anyone wo wants to join may join us.

just sent me a email or go to my site. Then we will test you in a game and if you are good enough you may join the GLR.

You dont have to be super good or something, just play good and then we will decide.

The first ten people wo wants to join, may join us without doing a test!!!!

We will give ranks, give tournaments and hold clan wars!!!


May the Force be with you and choose for the GLR.





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Clan Name: Global Defence Iniatiative

Forum: gdiclan.evetgamers.com

Leader: -GDI-GeneralZ

Leadership Council: madbadger, C&C King, jewboy77

Clan Email: ztgeneral@gmail.com

Story about clan: GDI was formed by C&C fans who played EAW, following the former Westwood staff. we recruited players online, though currently recruitment is at a halt to bring up all our members up to scratch.


most of us are good players, as long as we are in 2v2s or 3v3s cause we use tight teamwork strategies


GDI is also a C&C Zero Hour clan, although we are 1 clan, we are seperate divisions and the C&C section is run by a friend.

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Clan Name:Hired Killers



Co Leaders: Defiant

Clan Email: hkclan@aim.com

Story about our clan:

We started our clan on Starwars:battlefront2 we were a very fast growing clan but we recruited some of the wrong kind of people so it disbanded.After a month we decided to resurreted the clan which was 3 days ago we have afew active members already and are on the look our for skiled and dedicated members to join.




Leader of [HK] clan

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Clan Name: Warrior Nation, Empire at War section

Site: http://www.warriornation.net

Forum: http://www.warriornation.net/Forum/forumdisplay.php?f=719

Leader: WNxKing~Of~Kings (Section Leader)

Co Leaders: WNxChr0n1x

Clan Email: chr0n1x@clonetrooper.com (Mine)

Story aboud your clan: We are a huge clan with a very friendly atmosphere. See more here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2099276#post2099276 Come and join a great clan, join the dominating force! Contact your local recruiter(ME) today!

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Factions: All

Clan Site: http://www.blacksquadron.ws

Base of Operations: US/EU/AUS

Members: 47

Tryout: Not Required

Clan Contact: spskacall@presby.edu (That's my email, I'm the Diplomacy XO and head of the publicity project.) or on xfire (moffthrace)


Also, watch BlackSquadron's new clan video! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4439608060884271524

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Clan Name: Dark Side Empire


Forum:in the site


Co Leaders:Monkeyboy, J.C.

Clan Email:campbellmp@cox.net

Story aboud your clan:my clan is all about achieving goals. and one of them is why im here to get more member my clan has more freedom then most clans.

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Clan Name: ]V[ (it's a letter M, and stands for Mandalore Rising)

Site: http://www.mandalorrising.com/forum/

Forum: Same

Leader: Zaknaril and CelticJedi

Co Leaders:

Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan: We're an EaW-centric clan, but we play a little BF2 also. Membership is by invitation only so we don't hold open recruiting. We also have an age restriction, so most of us are old school gamers, and none of us are younglings. We have members all over the globe, centered in USA, Scottland, and the Land Down Under, among others. We try to keep membership limited to active players who know how to behave with dignity.

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Clan Name: Corellian Security Force

Site: Introduction pages: http://www.corsec.net Website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/CSF


Forum: http://darkjedi.org/comlink/index.php?cl=1174

Leader: NeoConker

Co Leaders: XO vote currently underway

Clan Email: djoneoconker@gmail.com


Story aboud your clan:

The Corellian Security Force was founded in October of 2006, as one of many "DJO clubs". The DJO (Dark Jedi Orginization) has been around since 1997, over-seeing some of online gaming's best clubs. Many of it's clubs have flourished and grown to hundreds of members, as is the hope for the future of the Corellian Security Force.

CSF has an open enlistment policy. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join. We are an active club, that plays war games with other clans and other members of CSF. To ensure the active members are not hindered, consistant activity is required by all members.

If you love Empire at War and/or it's expansion, Forces of Corruption, you will find a great place to play, chat, meet new friends, and find clubs for other games you enjoy in the DarkJedi Orginization, as a member of CSF.

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Clan name:Elite guardian squad

Email addres[own]:aalakoski@yahoo.com




Story about your clan:

I find to big game battles.I find clan´s when i hear emp force of corruption have clan maker.Well i´m good player alone but better wiht friends when i that clan can win everything and never retreat.


some more thing:

I dont know how make clan but i try to do my best in this thing.

You can trust me i never leave the game.

All what i need is information wiht this clan system,like what forume is or site you know.I´m new here.I dont know how make own netsite or clan email addres,but send post to my email addres.And i live in Finland

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