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Contractually Obligated Birthday Thread


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This is a thread dedicated to everyone who happens to have a birthday today, Sun. 8/19/07.


Mr. Talented, ejsjrnc, Tiki, Hylian_Hero, Rei_Nokato, JasraLantill, Darth Carnate, XBANANA (54), Helen (51), Volkie (45), Fett64 (43), syndicateone (38), CommanderMattax (37), Svendsen (37), MrFox (37), DarthBalls*ARS* (36), JediBallot (36), kilergiant (36), idn666 (35), gleck1 (34), AgentZero~ (34), Strandedjawa (33), jimboyng (33), Trebor (33), Jo-Nah Vell (32), Huntsman (32), lorn (31), Koar (31), BlackStrike (31), pokerdan (30), xtracer (30), k80blue (30), Tadashi (30), Plane Guy (29), dayon (29), IanT78 (29), Cross_+_Flame (28), Poopypants (28), The Affinity (28), swilliam (28), Darc Marc (27), ghostnha (27), Adrial Fydar (26), DarthSinn1981 (26), Nightvol (25), Psychoo (24), DarthMightyMike (24), AridSunCrusher (24), Sith_Skywalker (24), StriderXL1 (24), xan (23), gUrSuMnCt (23), hakanfire (23), darthwookie2002 (23), bobyx (23), sahrul (23), Pauly Shaw (22), trekker007 (22), Lance Syn (22), TheFirefox (22), Silgi (22), hypermetalsonic (21), SÛTin O FuNk (20), TieDestroyer (20), dozenAvengers (20), Ant_Man (20), wanting_info (20), Wanting Info 2 (20), 3nigma (20), ajs87 (20), MindlessTwit (20), deathman (19), [JAB] Hwoarang (19), Featured (19), CaptainSmug (19), Alegis (19), JayLesch (19), YoungScarz (19), Master Wando (18), OOM-911 (18), Kurtsoft (16), *^_^BoThAz^_^* (16)


Oh,.. and maybe one more, (who doesn't even appear to be listed,) who made a big stink over in XWA about having a B-Day thread in RSN... so here it is, Mr. Scar Da Kookee...



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yeah, happy birthday, especially those who don't answer their phone 5 minutes after leaving me a voice mail and I leave a voice mail saying to call back and they never do...*ahem* Scar *ahem*


hey now! I was busy enjoying my birthday.

and yes i did see that you called

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Idont think you got to worry about him. Lynk's prolly all but forgotten about this place. hence why he hasnt posted yet. :D


Yeah i guess you're right. :/


Ha. Mr. Weasel. Look he's become all old, weak and lazy.


*pokes sleeping Mr. Weasel with a stick*


See? Toooooo-tally harmless.


That's just crazy. Well, I guess I don't have to live in fear anymore. :D

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hoho late but that's just "smod training" XD



All hail and my breast smurfday wishes to Rogue Nine!!


may total depletion due to sexual activity never stay away from you





*shoves three Klingon slave girls, who have not seen a man in AGES (especially a tastey one like RN), into Niner' dressing room and closes the door behind them*

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