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So I had never seen any Indiana Jones until the end of last week and the rest of this weekend (watched the first three). It's pretty sad, I know...


Spoilers throughout the next few paragraphs, so...yeah, spoiler tags.



Anyways, I just saw the newest one yesterday. I liked it. I really did. I thought it was absolutely humorous like the last three, and unlike most, I ENJOY the concept of extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings.


Maybe it's just because I'm fascinated by a possibility for life outside of Earth, but I love the concept of aliens coming to Earth (especially when they do very kind things such as teaching irrigation and farming techniques - how helpful!). I tend to enjoy all things alien, and hope there are aliens, even if they do destroy humanity or Earth.


I also found myself seeing that the story presented "COULD" actually be believable - the whole alien thing actually "COULD" happen. Makes sense for that civilization being all advanced and all, LOL.



All hail Harrison Ford.


- PR-0927

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Indy's still Indy after all these years. Yes, it has its share of "Yeah, that would SO happen in real life..." moments, but it still packs more entertainment than 99% of movies that come out nowadays. IMHO, if you'd rather concentrate on the fact that the windshield and machine gun on the hood of the Good Guys' amphib-o-jeep keep popping in and out of existence during the jungle car chase than just enjoy the chase scene in all its goofy glory, you've gone to the wrong movie. That being said, with Harrison Ford's age, it's a lot harder than it used to be to suspend your disbelief, especially when we're asked to swallow:

a) Indy going toe-to-toe with a Russian commando-type who's about thirty years younger, six inches taller and about 75 pounds heavier. Trading punch after punch with this guy for more than about 1 second...? Riiiiiiiiight...


b) I'm sorry, but the fridge thing was just too far out there. I mean, c'mon...


c) The FBI is sweating Indy and his University Dean about possible commie connections, while failing to notice the Russian Spies hanging around the same campus. Who the hell runs that FBI Field Office, Chief Wiggum?



But I can forgive those things just for having Karen Allen back in this one. Some of the old magic, right there. And I liked the ending at least...

She was BAD! Okay?! BAD! The nice-guy alien(s) weren't going to let the BAD person get the superpowers, okay?! Get it?!

All in all, it's a shade down from the old trilogy simply for the fact that now everyone in the movie acts like they know they're in an adventure movie and they're mugging to the camera a bit, but at its core, it's still an Indiana Jones movie and worth seeing on the big screen, unlike the other 99.999% of movies made since the last one.

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