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Does anyone care? I could use a hand...


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I always imagined that Stan would sound a bit like Lyle Lanley from the Simpsons episode "Marge Vs. The Monorail". Only faster.

What I would give to bring back the late, great Phil Hartman to record Stan's lines.


He would nail it.

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Ok if by this stage anybody actually did like the project, you can blame the lovely people at Telltale forums and in #monkey-island for causing it to close.


If anyone else would like to take it, go ahead. Email Gabez or whoever deals with that for the FTP details and ****. Tell him I sent you. But you know, you'll only be trying "to get famous from other peoples' hard work" so what's the point, huh? I mean, you may as well remake the game or something!

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