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Blue Dongs and Nuclear Annihilation


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I loved watching the scenes in movie form, and I especially loved the montage they had the beginning, there couldn't be a better opener to the movie than that. Also loved Simon & Garfunkel at the Comedian's funeral, that brought a tear to me eye.


Otherwise though, I think the movie drops pace at around the start of the second half. It gets so entangled in the backstories and histories that it becomes a jumbled mess of strong characters with nothing to do. The story itself picks up in the first third of the movie, then goes off on a hiatus in the middle and returns somewhat in the final third.


Loved every scene with Rorschach and the Comedian, those were wonderful. Manhattan was interesting at the start, but got weary to watch later, and not because of the dong. :D I was disappointed with Ozymandias, but Silk Spectre and Nite Owl were good. Overall, nothing particularly ground-breaking or Oscar-winning in the movie, but it was kinda fun.


Also liked the ending, it's kinda odd and throws up some more questions but it's okay. The comic ending would have been too unrealistic on screen. Overall, it was a good movie, but it ends up with a V for Vendetta dilemma: good movie in its own kinda way, but nowhere near the comic. I guess I understand why Alan Moore hates it. :D Also lol'd when his name didn't figure in the credits.

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You know the freeze-frame + ultra slow motion effect that was used in the beginning credits? I wonder if they could make an entire comic book movie that way, overdubbing voices, background sounds, and some ambient music in places. It might be the kind of movie I could imagine Alan Moore supporting.

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Quoted from RD Thread:

Saw it. Loved it. Only a couple of complaints.




2) Did a lot of odd stuff to condense. The thing I'm least satisfyed about condensing was that they cut out how Kovacs became Rorschach, got the mask, ect.

3) New ending is fine. I think they could have delengthened the useless prison scene, and something you'll see below.

4) The rape scene was way overhyped. Especially compared to when Nite Owl and Silk Spectre did it in Archie. God, talk about awkward, the only female in the group, with an introverted 18 year old with a moustache, a bisexual teen whom I'd just talked to in person that day, and my boyfriend (who made it a point to tell me how fine Malin Akerman's ass was. Cause you see a LOT of her body. >.>)



My only real gripes. I got pissed at some of the changes, but then I was like "Oh wait, they only have 3 hours for this. They had to cut some stuff..."

Edit: Also I love the opening credits, especially any of Sillouette being featured. How they played with that lesbianisn so comedicly...

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