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Priests who are into girls but have to hang around lots of young boys.

Det. Bart Lasiter

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07-Ghost is Dattebayo's new project, replacing Naruto.


The story focuses around Teito Klein, a former slave who was taken into the military academy of the Barsburg Empire because of his ability to use Zaiphon, the manipulation of life energy for offensive techniques, defensive techniques, or, in rare cases, telekinesis. After his final test, he overhears Chief of Staff Ayanami talking about him, and he starts to remember things about his childhood, mainly Ayanami killing his father, so Teito decides to attack Ayanami, but is quickly beaten down and imprisoned. His best (and only) friend Mikage helps to spring him, but his ship gets shot down over district 7, where he's taken in by the church and given training so he can fight tha' powa'.

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Waiiiii! I actually really like this show. The tall blonde guy reminds me of a few lech forumites I know *evil grin*. Although, I kinda wish Teito wasnt such a shortie. :/


There just something about hawt priests with magic swords / precognitive abilities....wait, why does that sound familiar?



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