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I can't warp

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I've edited my ini file, so I should be able to warp, but I can't. Although I can take screenshots, so this is very confusing.


Nothing at all happens when I press `...my character can still move around, which shouldn't happen.


Are there any tools that can open the console? I'd use the warping armband, but it only warps to normal modules, not custom ones which is why I'm now having this problem.



[Display Options]
Disable Movies=0
Disable Intro Movies=0
Sort Modules=1

[sound Options]
Disable Sound=0

[Graphics Options]

[Game Options]
TooltipDelay Sec=

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If you really want to test a custom module, you can put all of the files that go with the module right into your override. When you load a game, you should just automatically end up inside. I can't guarantee that this will work though because I found it out by accident once when I didn't know where the files went. If it does work though, you'll have to do it one at a time. Just a thought, doesn't hurt to give it a try if you've tried everything else.

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