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Mass Effect: Genesis


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((Sorry for not posting in awhile guys, I've been distracted by a certain game that came out recently. You can take a good guess as to which one, and you'll probably be right. I beat it today, so I should post soon! Again, sorry about my absence guys.))


EDIT: ((Scratch that, I just realized that I haven't really been gone all that long....Sooo, yeah, I'll post when I get to it! :D ))

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"I always love a fight," she told Zack, "but on the chessboard. Mostly."


Zack chuckled as his first response. She had a bit of attitude to her, and she could use a gun. Sure chess wasn't his strong point, in fact he probably wouldn't know the difference between a rook and a pawn.


"A cutie and a fighter? It must be my lucky day," he replied.


Chiron nodded his head in approval as the elevator doors opened.


"Remarkable," the krogan said.



Rogue had silently followed the group until they reached the elevator. It watched the group get into elevator. It looked around, spotting a ventilation shaft. It looked around for any security officers and then quickly opened the shaft. It climbed inside and made sure to close the shaft again. Rogue began its journey through the ventilation shaft, moving as quickly but as quietly as it could.

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Quirinius cocked a wry eyebrow at Zack--painted indigo, and very arched.


"Fighter? Yes. Cutie? Hardly. My 'father', if you want to use the term, was a krogan. I've got his mouth, and I'm considered hideous by most other asari." Turning her head towards the interior of the research facility, she scanned the room for any suspicious signs--edgy personnel, oddly-placed documents, mysterious electronic consoles or gadgetry--and found none. Good, she thought, but that doesn't mean everything is on the up-and-up here. After all, why would the Captain investigate if he thinks it's a wild goose chase?

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"You're being too hard on yourself darling, you look great," Zack replied.


She certainly was different from most asari he had seen...and been with. She must have the love of fighting from that krogan dad of hers. Then again asari were pretty deadly themselves. Both beautiful and excellent fighters, a deadly combination. Quarians weren't half bad either. Zack snapped back to reality, unsure of where he was trying to go with this. He looked around at the interior of the base.He had to admit, he was actually impressed...but he wouldn't show it.


"Hey Tom, do you think Ghost feels at home?" Zack asked looking at the ocean through the window.


Odd, Tom was one of the few humans he actually liked. Tom understood different cultures and respected them. Not to mention he was one hell of an engineer.

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"Hey Tom, do you think Ghost feels at home?"


"Maybe you should ask him yourself?'' Tom replied to Zacks comment, looking out of the window of the underwater world.


"Have you made many developments with medical advances?' Tuhrop asked the representative.


"We are currently in the works of a new type of medigel, designed efficiently for soldiers on the battlefield. Unfortunatly, I cant spare much detail; its classified." she eyed Tuhrop. "But right now we are more interested in the data you have on Cerberus. How is it you acquired it?"


"Derelict Cerberus Vessel. We'll tell you all the details once we speak to your boss."


"He's not here at the moment, I'm afraid. He's at the colony making negotiations." The representative revealed. "I am his Personal Assistant... I apoligise, I did not formely introduce myself. I am Neesa, I organise the Head Facility Manager's calendar and appointments. If we just store it in his archive for now, we'll begin analysing once he returns."


They passed through the main lobby, which was populated with employees and receptionists. The modern architecture was remarkable visually. Pillars of marble stone could be spotted, which Tom intepreted as art deco.


Neesa, the receptionist, walked them towards one of the desks - where a tall skinny man was standing next to. He had slick black hair and a skull-like cheek boned face. He wore an all black tunic, defining his visual sense of pride. Something about him rubbed Tom off the wrong way.


"Executor Hawking, Head of the Research Facilities security." Neesa introduced. 'He will give you a guided tour, if you wish. He will also lead you to your quarters."


"Our... quarters?" Tuhrop enquired. The thin man eyed the Turian.


"I'm afraid this is part of our security protocol. You must remain here, in this facility, until the Head Facilities Manager returns from the Negotiations." Hawking spoke in a raspy voice. "Afterward, he will appoint to analysing "your data" and report to the systems alliance cyberwarfare devision. You cannot leave until all of the above is complete, and without my supervision."

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Something is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong...


As Quirinius listened to Hawking's words, her scalp began to crawl as if a thousand tiny rachni hatchlings were exploring her sensitive blue tentacles. She gritted her teeth, trying to smile or at least appear civil and cooperative. Internally, however, the asari knew what was going on. Adrenaline was beginning to flood her system, preparing her to fight or flee from the facility.


I can't run away and let the Captain down. Not now. However, this man Hawking almost sounds like he's taking us as prisoners. Or hostages.


I hadn't been living on Omega for so long without learning a few things.


Instinctively, she clenched her hands into fists, within the confines of her sleek black leather gloves. I'm getting ready to unleash a biotic attack if I have to, she thought, more to herself than anyone else. Brace yourselves.

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Chiron let out a loud sigh, but he wasn't upset. In the back of his mind he was expecting something like this, but he wished it wouldn't happen. He looked over at the rest of the crew, checking their reactions. He knew most of them wouldn't question this, but some might. He looked over at Zach to see the merc simply had his arms crossed. It was difficult to tell what he was thinking, hopefully he'd keep his mouth shut. He eyed Quirnius as well, seeing that she was new and he didn't know her that well yet.


"Well if that is the case, than might I ask about that new medigel? I am a doctor, perhaps I might be able to assist you" Chiron said, figuring if he was stuck than he might as well be doing something he liked.


Zack shook his head and chuckled. He wasn't in the least bit surprised that his kind would pull this crap. He was almost grateful they were getting quarters, as he expected they would be stuck in a cell or something. He looked over at Quirnius, and saw her clenched fists. Even he knew a fight wasn't the best solution...at least not until he knew they had the upperhand. He casually took a step closer to the asari.


"Easy Cutie," he whispered.


He looked over at Neesa, taking her to be the more friendly of the two.


"So...Neesa was it? How long do you think all of this will take?" he asked.

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Tom eyed the Asari clenching her fists, as if ready to unleash a biotic kick to Hawking's face. Quite feisty, but perhaps could not blame her. Atleast to Tom, Hawking looked like quite a cold hearted character; the type he tries to avoid conflict with.


"Well if that is the case, than might I ask about that new medigel? I am a doctor, perhaps I might be able to assist you"


Hawking gave Chiron an evil eye. "A Krogan Doctor? Quite the rarity; you people are indeed a peculiar bunch." he crossed his arms, in an authoritive way. "But I should point out to you that non-personel are not authorised to such priviledged review and information. Krogan Especially."


"In my presence, Executor..." Tuhrop added sternly. "I will not tollerate such discrimination against any of my crew mates."


"My apoligies, Captain. But seeing as this is a Systems Alliance controlled facility, exclusively run by humans, you must understand we are abit weary with outsiders." Hawking replied, no hint of sympathy behind such cold words.


"So...Neesa was it? How long do you think all of this will take?"


Neesa turned to Zack. "I expect within the next few hours. A night by maximum."


She glanced at Tuhrop. "I truelly am sorry about the inconveniance, Captain. But because we are dealing with Cerberus Opperations, you must understand its well worth the wait."


"We'll cooperate, for now." Tuhrop resignated. "Take us to our quarters."

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Once the crew of the Valkyrie had been escorted to their temporary quarters, Quiri shook her head and sighed. "I'm quite loath to tell you this, Captain," she said, "but this is highly unusual. I know I haven't had much experience on missions of this sort, but my instincts tell me that this 'security protocol' is not an ordinary one. Even on that cesspool of an asteroid where I lived before, people knew to be on their guard when they were taken to any unknown part of a building and left there." She faced Tuhrop squarely.


"It was all I could do not to plant a firm biotic drop-kick in that Hawking character's face. When should we start trying to escape, if something really is amiss?" She glanced around. "I don't want any 'security guards', meaning possible assassins, trying to surprise us."

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Quiri began expressing her concern to the captain, once they arrived at their quarters. "When should we start trying to escape, if something really is amiss?" She glanced around. "I don't want any 'security guards', meaning possible assassins, trying to surprise us."


"We're gonna have to play along for now." Tuhrop replied. "I dont think they are holding us prisoner. They did not exactly say we are not allowed to leave our quarters, as long as we dont go exploring the labs and other restricted areas."


"Besides, we dont know they are working with Cerberus." Tom added. "Well, not yet anyway." he scratched his head. Tuhrop glanced curiously at Tom.


"What do you mean by that?" the Turian Captain asked cautiously.


Tom hesitated for a second, exchanging a grim look. "Promise not to get mad at me? Before we departed the ship, the geth approached me looking for work. I told him... uh, "it"... to do a little digging around this facility."


Tuhrop's eyes widened with suprise. "Why did you not tell me this before?"


"Because you were already off the ship by the time Rogue came up to me on the Engineering deck."


"Dammit Ulrich! You could have compromised everything! Had it ever occured to you that Rogue could have be detected by the security systems?!"


"The thought did occur, but Rogue assured me that his hacking abilities could bypass the security systems and avoid detection. Otherwise, there would be alarms going everywhere by now."

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"Oh yeah, I'm so glad we found this data" Zack said sarcastically as he leaned against a wall.



Rogue had waited until the group was escorted to their quarters before it moved. It had silently followed Hawking until it found what it was looking for. It waited by the door, until a man walked up to the door and opened it. Rogue followed the man inside and waited for the right opportunity. Another man left the room, leaving just the one. It watched the man until he yawned. Rogue slammed the man's head into the table, knocking him out. Rogue placed the man back in the chair with his head resting on his arms. When he woke up, he would just assume he had dosed off.


With that Rogue looked to the terminal. It began to type, quickly bypassing anything that dare be in its way. It stopped typing, and turned to leave the room. Rogue had disabled the security systems with ease, and now it could finish the other part of his mission. It could access the more important files, which meant locating Hawking's office where Rogue would find what it was looking for.

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((Well, I was assuming we all discuss the next step. Afterward, Rogue contacts Tom and we progress through the story. But if you want something to happen during then, lets bring it :smash: ))


Tuhrop paces around the room. "Next time you have another bright idea Tom, make sure I'm the first to know about it."


"But it wasnt my idea..." Tom scratched his head.


"Rogue is just a machine, Tom!" Tuhrop replied sternly. "But then again, it might give us a little heads-up on which side is which. Whether Cerberus' presence is lurking here."


A humming noise rang from the door. It opened up, and Neesa walked in. She smiled apoligetically.


"Sorry to interupt. How are our accomodations?"


"Do you need something?" Tuhrop went straight to the point.


"We need to have a chat with one of your crew members. Specifically, the one whom first encountered the data on the Cerberus Vessel."


Tuhrop glanced at Tom. "Your looking at him right now."


Tom looked a little scepticle. "What sort of questions?"


"Theres no need to worry." Neesa raised an assuring hand. "Just general questions we need in order to file a report to the Systems Alliance."


Tom stared at Tuhrop. Tuhrop hesitantly nodded. ''Very well. Take your time with Tom."

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((Hooray! Lol, thank you PK! Anyway, I will post any OOC comments on the discussion and recruitment thread in the future, promise.....Except this one of course, and any short comments that would be more preferable to say here in the RP, etc.))


Kallic had been surprisingly quiet on the way into the facility, simply fidgeting away on his Omni-Tool the entire time.


Once they had been 'accommodated' with their quarters Kallic had proceeded to silently scour the room for bugs and other surveillance devices, and once satisfied, stood in the shadow of his larger companion, Chiron, fiddling away on his Omni-Tool still; listening to the Captain scold Tom about the independence of his actions with Rogue at the same time. He would give his input when they would ask for it, at the moment however he was content to do his job...And watch them debate.


Suddenly the door hummed and slid open, the representative named Neesa entering.


"Sorry to interrupt. How are our accommodations?"


"Could use more privacy, personally," Kallic muttered off to the side making a vague indication to his bug search not too long ago.


"Do you need something?" The Captain asked straightforward.


"We need to have a chat with one of your crew members. Specifically, the one whom first encountered the data on the Cerberus Vessel."


"Your looking at him right now."


"What sort of questions?" His crew mate, Tom, asked.


"Theres no need to worry. Just general questions we need in order to file a report to the Systems Alliance."


Kallic raised what counted as an eyebrow for him at this remark.


''Very well. Take your time with Tom." The Captain told her, Kallic completely uncertain as to whether this was a safe idea or not; if she were speaking to him here that was one thing, if she were taking him somewhere else, that was another matter completely.


For the first time since he'd been in the facility Kallic turned his unique blue-hued Omni-Tool off, and looked up, an indication that - for most that knew him well enough - he was finally uncertain of the safety of the situation, or at least that of one of his crew mates. It was simple and subtle, but he knew that it was enough to garner attention from those who knew him, hopefully the Captain would notice this and create some precautions to having Tom going off alone - if that were to occur. Even if those precautions were made after they left.


((Mm, not the best catchup post, but I'm kinda rusty, so I did my best.))

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Chiron remained silent as Neesa entered the room. He looked to Kallic, who was busy with his omni-tool. His friend always seemed to be doing something, not that there was anything wrong with that.


''Very well. Take your time with Tom."


Chiron nodded his head slowly and looked back over at Kallic. He had turned his omni-tool off and had his head up. Something was troubling Kallic, and he guessed it had something to do with what just happened. He looked over at Tuhrop and waited for him to speak.


Zack had leaned back in a chair, trying to pass the time. It felt like ages for him since he held one of his weapons. It was practically torture for the mercenary. He looked around the room for something to do, but sadly he couldn't find anything. He waited until Neesa was done speaking before looking over at his new favorite asari.


"You know cutie I still haven't gotten a name from you," the merc said.



Rogue silently moved down the hallway. Now that the security was disabled, it wouldn't have to worry about being detected. Rogue would make sure to thoroughly search the databases for any information it could find. Rogue hacked opened a door with ease, and slipped inside.


It came across a terminal and got to work. Rogue searched for whatever it could find. It searched through nearly every file, looking for anything about Cerberus. Sadly it seemed that this was base had nothing to offer...that was until Rogue thought of something else. It had searched every file about the base in order to find something about Cerberus. What about the organics working in the base however? Rogue went back to the terminal to run a background check on every organic that was working in this base.

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Neesa left with Tom, leaving the rest of the crew in the quarters. He noticed Kallics omni-tool was switched off.


"Dont worry. They told us to not bring weapons inside." Tuhrop crossed his arms. "They didnt say anything about Biotic Amps."


If trouble were to occur, hopefully Tom's well known biotic shockwave would be enough to knock a few guards down. But Tuhrop wasn't one to take chances.


He looked at the spot where Tom was standing, near a table. There was something on that table. Tuhrop approached it. I looked like some type of data chip. He picked it up and gave it to Kallick.


"I think Tom left this for us." Tuhrop speculated. The data chip was a communications relay between Tom and Rogue. Obviously while Tom is being interrogated, things would get a little awkward if they found he was communicating with a Geth inside their own base. "Smart boy."

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Apparently, the Vanguard--Zack-- wasn't a true adept at reading asari body language. Quiri knew that her muscles were as taut as a tiger's when it was about to pounce. Not only that, but her scalp was absolutely killing her. The "thousand tickles" she had felt before were giving way to pinpricks, and they were painful. Desperately, she glanced up toward the ceiling.


Ventilation duct. A little biotic push, and--There! The grating yielded.


Fortunately, no one else seemed to notice the noise. Raising a finger to her lips in the direction of Zack, she leapt up into the air while Captain Tuhrop and the others were distracted. Success! The asari wasn't exactly a trained professional at leaping vertically into ventilation ducts, but when adrenaline and sheer terror were at work, they successfully "trumped" lack of skill.


I'm sorry, Captain. If we don't get out of this alive, I will have paid for this mistake, but-- She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming. This isn't my normal danger signal. It's been amplified--it's BEING amplified somehow. The natural biochemical impulses in my brain are slowly being pushed toward systemic overload by an unnatural cause. Meaning, it's synthetic. Man-made. If I don't find what it is and stop it NOW, I'll have a cerebral hemmorhage.


Slowly pulling the grating shut behind her with a barely-audible click, Quiri started crawling through the pitch-darkness, depending on her other senses to make up for what her natural eyesight lacked. Most of all, she relied upon pain. The stronger it became, the closer she knew she was getting to the source of the agony. Twist and turn, round and round, crawl silently or lose some ground...This, the asari knew, was her current motto.

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Tuhrop handed the data chip relay to Kallic to insert in his omni tool.


"Contact Rogue and see what he is up to." Tuhrop requested. "Now Quiri, I have a job-for----"


Tuhrop turned around to see the Asari was no where to be seen. "Where the hell did she..." he glanced at Zack. "You didnt scare her off with those creepy infactuations of yours, did you?" he crossed his arms.


Tuhrop looked up at the ceiling, to see that the ventilation shaft above. Could Quiri really have gone up through the vents that quickly within a few seconds?


"Where the hell is she? What the hell could she be doing?"




First all he saw was pitch black. Then his vision adjusted to only a blurriness, he couldnt make out where he was. Tom immediatly gathered he was sitting on a chair, but the rest of his body of numb.


"The sedative is wearing off already?!" a voice said. Tom couldnt tell if it was male or female.


"The effects are designed to be temporal, so it can be out of his system before we can apply the serum." That voice he definatly recognised, as his hearing properly adjusted. In the end, he had to ask himself; why was he not suprised?


Tom tried to remember back. The last thing he remembered was a sting at the back of his neck, just as they were escorting him down the corridor. Then he lost consciousness immediatly afterward.


"Do... your worst..." Was all he could mumble. "You'll... only be... wasting... time..."

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((I'm going to create a room in the facility, and some seriously creepy crap!))


Fan. Fan. Maybe that way--no--another fan. Quirinius braced herself against the cool blasts of air that were coming from three different directions in the research facility's ventilation ducts. Maybe I'm lost. I hope not...


Sharply-increasing pain told her that this was definitely not the case. The asari crawled a few more feet forward and fell straight down through another grating! When she landed unceremoniously in the middle of a strange and sterile white room, all she could think about was the agony enfolding her.


Struggling to her feet, Quirinius slapped her hands against her temples and begged the goddess Athame not to let her scream. Secrecy was key here. All that seemed to be in the room were computer consoles--perhaps important data?--and an electrical wall with glowing blue tubes surrounding something.


Someone. The object in the middle of the wall was, oddly, a salarian. He wasn't speaking--in fact, his jaw seemed to be wired into the apparatus! However, the panicked look in his eyes told the asari to spring into action. Stuffing a leather gauntlet into her mouth, Quiri threw herself toward the wall with a biotic charge. Why does it seem to be far weaker than usual?


Reflexively, she punched the console that controlled the wall with her right hand--the one that still had a leather gauntlet protecting it. Nothing. Rage filled the asari's veins as she did so again and again, fighting the pain.


"Nnnngh!" mumbled the helplessly-trapped salarian. "Rurghl hurghl mmmmote!"


That did it. Quiri saw that his eyes had darted toward a remote nearby. Lunging for it, the asari mashed every single button simultaneously.


The tubes on the panel-wall mercifully dimmed, and the salarian relaxed.


Quiri, stepping forward slowly, noticed that she was no longer in danger of suffering any more cerebral damage that she already had. Relief flooded her whole body. "Can...can I...get you out of that wall?" she asked humbly.


The salarian thrashed his head violently back and forth in a negative gesture.


She felt stupid. "Right. Too much glass to be broken. I'd...injure you instead of helping you. My name is Quirinius V'tala. Would you like to meld your consciousness with mine? Your jaw seems to be entangled with the glass tubing, and I don't want to hurt you any more than you've already been hurt." When the salarian nodded his assent, Quiri opened her mind to his.


Too much pain. Too much pain. Withdraw. No-no-no-no-no...


She gently obeyed, but not completely. Better. Can...can think now. My name is Subject Ten. Can't remember real name. Experiment. Confidential.


"You mean these people were experimenting on you?" Quiri asked, doing a double take.


Correct. Subjects One through Nine have expended all bioenergy. A pause. Provided electricity through biochemical overstimulation. Brain power equals volts. 'Renewable energy source'. Potentially unlimited.


She couldn't believe it. "That's unconscionable! That was your purpose here?"



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"You didnt scare her off with those creepy infactuations of yours, did you?"


"Whoa whoa, creepy? I think you meant to say charming there," Zack replied in his defense.


Though as insulted as he was, Tuhrop did give him this mystery asari's name. That he considered payment for her current whereabouts, even though his new crush did ask him to remain quiet.


"Quiri the cutie went up into that vent while the rest of you guys were talking. Where she is now though is beyond me," Zack said.



Rogue went through every doctor, soldier, engineer, etc. It scanned through every line of information, looking for anything remotely useful. If Rogue had the ability to sigh, it currently would be doing that. Not that knowing one of the workers here likes blueberry pie isn't fascinating, its just Rogue was looking for any traces of Cerberus.


Suddenly Rogue spotted something. Within this database Rogue found a message. While normally it would have discarded it, the information it contained was exactly what the geth was looking for. Rogue quickly traced the letter back, before activating it omni-tool.


"Human:Tom respond," Rogue said into its omni-tool.

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"Don't worry. They told us to not bring weapons inside. They didn't say anything about Biotic Amps." The Captain tried to reassure Kallic, who only stared blankly at him in response.


The Captain retrieved something Tom had discreetly placed on the table he'd been near before departing.


"I think Tom left this for us. Smart boy." Captain Tuhrop mused before continuing; handing Kallic the relay device, "Contact Rogue and see what he is up to."


"Will do, Captain," he responded. No sooner had he up-linked the chip to his Omni-Tool than a synthetic voice came through: "Human:Tom respond."


"Tom busy with interview, Rogue, this is Kallic - Any information for us?" He responded while listening in on the background conversation about Quirinius suddenly disappearing into the vents, and the chauvinistic mercenary Zack making excuses for his pathetic advances toward the asari, as well as explaining what she did. It was fortunate Zack wasn't really an 'official' crew member of the ship or he'd be in deeper trouble - or at least he should have been. But Captain Tuhrop was known for patience and leniency, Kallic, a former military captain himself, would not have been.


As for Quirinius and what she'd done, well, she could have said something instead of running off; and since she was a far more official crew member now, Kallic couldn't say how the Captain would react to that.


Kallic just rolled his eyes and shook his head at Zack as he waited for a response from Rogue.

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