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NASA discovers a Habitable Planet


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I seriously doubt the world is going to end in a year. Now, not that I want to start a debate on it here as this isn't the place, but keep in mind that if you believe in the Bible, lots of things still need to happen before the world ends and I doubt it could all happen in a year. Again, I don't want to debate that here, just letting you know if you believe in the Bible, read Revelation. That's all I wanted to say on it.


The only way I'm not going to be here in 2013 is if something happens to me personally.


Oh I agree with you 100%. I was joking. :thmbup1:


Sorry if that was unclear.

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That is what led to the invention of animated GIFs.


I must admit, on more than one occasion I completely forgot what I was going to post by getting mesmerized by Lynk's avatar. Seriously, it's hypnotic.


On Topic:

I guess we need to find some more Reliant Robins.


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