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  1. No problemo. When you start a new thread, up by the title there's a drop down menu with the tags you can add.
  2. Coruscant Entertainment Centre They don't have to be Star Wars. The yellow "NSW-Fic" tags mean "Non-Star Wars."
  3. Whatever is most convenient for the story at the time.
  4. My name is Bob. I like dragonflies, but that's irrelevant. I was in high school when we first got the mighty interwebz on the blazin' 56k modems they had back then. At the time, you had to have a user name to even connect to the internet. So, I just tacked my high school mascot and football jersey number on the end and there you go. The name just stuck with me since I'm not terribly inventive about these things.
  5. I don't go to the movies anymore, but I'll see it when it comes to Bluray. I'll probably see Star Wars in theaters, but aside from that, I find going to the movies too uncomfortable and I always miss part of the movie because I have to take a bio break... Only reason I'm posting is to add my little bit of activity to LF, for what it's worth...
  6. I'm trying to avoid the hype so if it's not that great I won't be disappointed, but that was an awesome trailer.
  7. That was pretty cool. I liked the high energy feel of it and the explosions looked great. Oh, and I saw this in the related videos that I made me laugh. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) All in all, a fun slightly-less-than-eight minutes. Bob Happy Lion. roar
  8. Meh... its a little sad to see something that's been around so long disappear, but I usually avoid Radio Shack anyway. I guess I'll miss seeing their logo when I pass by where their stores are now, but that's just nostalgia talking. It's sad for nostalgia reasons and all that, but they haven't been a good store for a while now and they're always expensive, anyway. I wouldn't mind them being a little higher than other places since they're usually pretty small stores and rent in malls and shopping centers can be pretty high, but their products tend to be cheaply made. You pay more for a lesser product. That I don't like. The main reason I tend to avoid them is because they try to hard sell you the protection plan on everything you buy. Some of the employes just don't seem to want to take "no" for an answer. Once, I needed an HDMI Cable and didn't feel like walking all the way through Walmart. I had to tell the guy four times I didn't want the protection plan before he finally gave up... That was the worst, but usually they ask at least twice. Sigh... It's sad to see a business that's been a fixture for so long disappear, but I can't really be sad because of the way they seemed to try to drive the company down as far as they could over the last few years.
  9. All we see is a white box. There is no video posted. If you click the little arrow on the top right, it takes you to the youtube homepage. You might want to double check the link. EDIT: Here, I fixed it for you: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  10. Whoa... I can't believe it's been a decade. That's crazy! Matter of fact, Next month marks 10 years since I registered on the forums... it really doesn't seem that long ago.
  11. Trailer was pretty cool, but I definitely see why some people are saying it almost seems like a fan film. I think it's mostly the lighting and the fact that pretty much anyone can buy equipment to film in super HD these days. The clarity is almost too good and doesn't have that "film grain" effect we still associate with movies. That and the unfinished effects... also, the choice of scenes... and well, if you really think about it, it is kind of a fan film. Just with a bigger budget. I think if there's one thing we can count on with the new films is that the acting will be better.
  12. Can't wait for the 50th! We're getting it on BBC America in the US at the same time it's airing in the UK. It's kind of funny because it's airing in the middle of the day here. lol I liked Tennant and Smith and am looking forward to Capaldi. Bob Happy Lion. roar.
  13. That's so sad to hear. I don't know what to say... R.I.P. Astrotoy7
  14. I miss the old days when I would check out the forums three or four times a day and read a bunch of new posts each time I came here. I'm still here and never left, but even when the forums were busy I never really posted a lot. I read a lot and posted when I felt like I had something to say... and wasn't too lazy to type it out. What sort of makes me a bit sad is that I used to think of this place four or five times a day. Really, it was my first stop every time I sat down at my computer. Now I'll find myself thinking, "when was the last time I checked out LF? Yesterday? Three days ago? Has it been a week or even longer?!" I'd love to see the forums busy again! This is the first forum that I became a regular poster. Even though I had joined a forum or two before LF and have joined others since, I consider LF "home." It's natural to see the place die down, but still sad nonetheless. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm still around without just posting "I'm still around."
  15. Holy three year old necro-thread, Batman! Kill it! Kill it with FIRE! (or moonites... old thread, old reference.) Jr. Detective not good enough for you? Oh, I see...
  16. Ugh. 72°F, Thunderstorm? It's like Dagobah out there. Hot and wet, and not in a good way. Also Yoda might be hiding somewhere. Yep, it's raining. Okay, now to see if I remember to come check this thing in the winter... such as we have down here.
  17. Whew. 77°F, Fair? It's like Tatooine out there. Hot, dry, occasional sarlacc. Pretty much spot on. Cool site. I'll have to check it when it's raining if I remember.
  18. Awesome! Crazy, but awesome! I just love that the one on the left is giving a thumbs up. I know he was really holding something at one point. Probably a spear or standard, but yea. He's totally saying "Your wish has come true, Rhett!" Now you just need the terracotta chariot to go with them.
  19. I don't really keep up with gaming news. I'm sure there's more games I'll get when they come out, but the only game I'm currently waiting on is Saints Row IV. Most of the time, I'll hear about a game that interest me, but I forget about it until I see it at the store or on Steam or something. Then it's like "oh hey! I wanted to get that!" So yea, Saints Row IV is the only thing on my list at the moment.
  20. Wow that's pretty cool. I can't help thinking, though, that if they were really ambitious they would build the Enterprise. LOL And of course if they were extraordinarily ambitious it would be the Enterprise D.
  21. All of the above None of the above These options suck Other I donno Maybe Sometimes 42 Depends
  22. At first I was like this a cool montage of my party. Then I was all like why does Revan have a pony tail on his hood? But then I was really like wait it's a woman. And then I was like oh wait that's my character all dark sideded. And finally I was basically like whoa.
  23. I'm with Lynk on the name thing. I can't say if it's for the same reason as Lynk, but for me, once I name a character it becomes their name. Changing it just really screws with me. It's almost like if someone suddenly told me my pet's name was something else... sort of. I guess. I played Dungeons and Dragons Online for a while when it came out. I quit playing due to the forced grouping with actually finding a group being nearly impossible most of the time. Anyway, I gave the game another try after they had a server merge and all my characters had new names. Lots of people where unhappy about it, but for me anyway, I couldn't get past it and so I left pretty much right away. It might be a small thing to some people, but to many of us, our character names are important. I like the way Cryptic handles it, um... no pun intended. Basically, you get a "handle." Mail, IM, Chat, and whatnot all go through your handle. Aside from making it easy to find people (in my brief time playing TOR, I never found one of you), it also prevents name conflicts. I can have a character named "Steve@BobLion54" talking to "Steve@LynkFormer" for instance. When DDO had their server merge, some people were requesting they change to a similar system, but it turns out it's one of those things that's extremely difficult to change after the fact. They can do it, but it would take more dev time than they would consider worth it, basically. So unfortunately, if your name is changed or is going to be, there's very, very little chance of getting it back.
  24. Straight Edged Administar?

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