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Star Wars: Darkness and Honor

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It has been nearly a year since the Fall of Coruscant and what remains of the Jedi have retreated to Tython. With the Treaty of Coruscant in effect there is an uncomfortable cease fire between the Sith Empire and the Republic. Despite the truce, reports of strange events have reached the ears of the higher-ups in both the Republic and the Empire.


There are more and more reports of ships from both sides vanishing, Colonies are coming under attack by unknown forces and those who have gone out and searched for those responsible have never come back. And now there have been reports of assasinations within both goverments.


Both goverments realize that there is something more to this than simple piracy. Someone or something is gathering strength in the infinite reaches of space for reasons unknown.


The time has come to fight.




No Godmodding

No Super powerful characters

No more than four characters

Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

No killing other characters without permission.

Have fun!



Character Sheet














NAME: Zassos


GENDER: male

AGE: 26


APPEARANCE: Zassos is a tall chiss who is around 6'3 and has skin that is a bit darker blue then most of his species. He has a scar going down the left side of his face.

WEAPONS: Two GZ-57 blaster pistols that he picked up through his travels through the galaxy. Wrist mounted flamethrower

EQUIPMENT: A set of custom made heavy armor that he painted black and silver with a Mandalorian symbol painted on the back. He also has a jetpack that is natually attached to his armor.

OCCUPATION: Bounty Hunter

HISTORY: Zassos originally had dreams of entering the great hunt but was unable to gain sponsership and such built his reputation from the ground up. Over the years he has made many enemies and just as many allies due to his honorable nature. He gained the scar on his face due to an encounter with a Jedi Master on the planet Taris.

PERSONALITY: Zassos has a good heart and is known around the galaxy as Zassos the Honorable due to his nature. He has been known to help targets that he feels are innocent escape.




NAME: Vlalkor

AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic


AGE: 24


APPEARANCE: Vlalkor is around 6'0 and posses above average strength due to his military training. He has blue eyes and has brown hair.

WEAPONS: TR-96 transdoshan heavy repeater that he usually carries around as his main weapon. He also carries a modified GR-53 blaster pistol when it's needed. Also carries a pouch of thermal explosives and concussion grenades that are used when needed.

EQUIPMENT: Modified republic commando armor and a commando helmet that isn't used that much.

OCCUPATION: Republic Commando

HISTORY: Not much is known about Vlalkor before he joined the Republic. He ended up graduating at the top of his class and was assigned to Zeta squad. After fighting in many battles he was promoted and ended up serving as a commando only to lose most of Zeta squad in an ambush. The Republic realized that he worked better alone after trying to assign him to another squad and now let him pull off his missions by himself. Since he has been on his own he has not failed a mission yet.

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I'm going to use my character from my disbanded guild for this.




NAME: Varik Athzaria



AGE: 28


APPEARANCE: Varik is of average height (5'9" and 170 lb), he has icy blue eyes, and short black hair. He has a slim scar going down the right side of his face.

WEAPONS: Two violet lightsabers. (Form VI: Jar'Kai, Form VII: Juyo)

EQUIPMENT: Non-hooded red and yellow robes, the same style of the robes worn by the Jedi Crusaders in the Mandalorian Wars. Varik wears these robes to remember his ancestor that fought in the Mandalorian Wars, as well as a grim reminder of what happened to the Jedi that followed Revan. They are made of light, durable material, giving no restrictions in movement - and great flexibility. During combat missions, Varik wears hooded black/gray robes over his standard robes.

OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Sentinel)

HISTORY: Varik was born on Onderon in 13 BTC. He was taken into the Order at a yound age of four, and so - never got to know his family. Even as a youngling, Varik had a gift with lightsabers, with many calling him a "natural". He was assigned to a Jedi Master named Jagi Vai'koss. Under his tutelage, Varik was able to use a fighting technique that combined forms Juyo and Jar'Kai, creating a great balance of defense and offense. However, during the Sacking of Coruscant, Varik witnessed his master being slain by a Dark Jedi. He attempted to save his master by attacking all the Dark Jedi at once, using Jar'Kai to defend himself. However, the ferocity of Juyo left him defenseless against the Force, and was force kicked into a wall. Other Jedi joined the fight and slew the Dark Jedi, and if it were not for them - Varik would certainly have died. He retreated with the surviving Jedi to Tython, mourning his master's loss, and becoming a part of the Brotherhood of Swordmasters. He meditated on what transpired and altered the form that he used, sacrificing some of Juyo's ferocity to better defend Force attacks.


Some time before this, Varik's wealthy Onderonian family became part of a conspiracy. "Blackwash" was the name given to it. The Onderonian government was worried of the Athzaria family's growing wealth, due to their banking buisness. Eventually, they were making enough money that made the government decide to "shut down" the buisness. However, that's only the official story, and few know the truth. In actuallity, the government was angry that the bankers were making so much money in so short time. They wanted the money for themselves, due to the corrupt government official - Javir. He hired a miraluka assassin named Zhein to assassinate the leaders of the banking buisness, who were actually Varik's parents. Zhein slipped poison into their drinks, which caused them to suffocate and die within minutes. Javir covered it all up, saying that they died from natural causes.


He began the hunt for vengeance by first going to Tatooine during a sandstorm. A smuggler offered to help him if he cleared out the man's "cave", which housed numerous belongings that he smuggled. He enlisted the help of Karnel Fass, and Avidea Snocami, who were luckily on the planet as well, to help him. He received a force vision of a terentatek, but soon realized that the cave occupied three terentatek. Once they were disposed of, the smuggler (Traver Wood) agreed to take him to Onderon.


However, Karnel had already left the planet by this time, as well as Shadow. He needed either Avidea, or Cronos, both of which were nowhere to be found. Traversing the Dune Sea, he was captured by mercenaries via tranquilizer darts. He was rescued by Cronos and Light Fang, who were, coincidentally, looking for Avidea as well. She was captured and held in the same cell Varik was. They escaped and slew the mercenaries that stood in their way. When they made it back to Anchorhead, they were followed by Goros and his three Mandalorian thugs. Varik killed the three thugs, but Goros had Varik's lightsaber. They dueled and he was slain, and Varik retrieved his lightsabers.


He went to Onderon with Traver and Cronos, unaware that they were being followed by Joug. Once they landed they were eventually ambushed by Zhein, who turned out to be a Dark Jedi Assassin. He was slain, and Varik eventually attacked Javir's palace. He was attacked by his two bodyguards - Trent and Sa'akl, who neutralized him. He was interrogated by Javir, who tried making Varik feed on his hate and kill him. Cronos, Joug, and Traver rescued him, but then they were attacked by more of Javir's corrupted security. Javir revealed to be an influential Sith Lord, and attacked Varik. Varik barely bested him, and killed him for vindication. They were attacked by his two bodyguards again, who were bested by Varik. They escaped Onderon and headed back to Tython.


Chief amongst his travels was a visit to Korriban. He was exploring Tulak Hord's tomb when he found his holocron, and he was captured by Sith forces there. Karnel and Avidea were sent to rescue him from the Sith, in which they barely did. He recovered the holocron that he was sent to find, but his mind was probed by Tulak Hord's spirit. He was forced into a battle of wills, which Hord seemingly won. However, as Hord held him by the throat, he plunged his saber into Hord's abdomen, "killing" him. Hord then said "You may have won, but you will never truly be free of me.". A fragment of Hord's spirit rested in Varik's mind, where it would remain until it was snuffed out.


Now, two years later, he unofficially left the Brotherhood, severing his ties with the exceptions of Karnel, Avidea, and Cronos. He is still haunted by Hord's spirit, but this has done nothing to impede his expert swordsmanship.


(I shortened up the stories quite a bit, so excuse me if they don't sound too good. :xp:)

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GENDER: male

AGE: 34

SPECIES: human

APPEARANCE: He is around 6'0, he has brown eyes and brown hair.

WEAPONS: A blaster and a sword.

EQUIPMENT: Typical smuggler clothes.




No more than four characters


Does this mean that i can create 3 semi characters?


He is very well trained because he was a republican soldier. But he decided, with his wookie friend named Harr, to become a smuggler. And with the help of a 23 years old jedi apprentice named Helena and a jedi knight named Nick, he goes for new adventures.

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NAME: Darth Kyara


GENDER: Female

AGE: 32


APPEARANCE: Kinda like this but the horns are a little smaller and the hair is waist length but she usually has it in a ponytail.


WEAPONS: dual red lightsabers. A belt of throwable vibroknives.

EQUIPMENT: She wears a cloak with adaptive technology, it shifts it’s color and design at will but has no function beyond visual appeal, it can not be used as a weapon. Has a companion droid that carries a small supply of thermal detonators.

OCCUPATION: Sith Inquisitor (Assassin)

HISTORY: Trained on Korriban, Kyara is a very ruthless Sith Lord. Commisioned by Dath Malgus on the attack on Coruscant to fight along side him and destroy the Jedi order. However, due to the betrayal of Darth Angral, Kyara decided to break free from the chain of command of the Sith Lord, but her loyalty to the Empire is unquestioned. She remained on Korriban as an instructor on lightsaber combat, although her main function for the Empire was as an Assassin. Now the Empire seeks to use her talents once again.




NAME: Lai S’Dalan

AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic

GENDER: Female

AGE: 23

SPECIES: Miraluka

APPEARANCE: She has dark red hair and she wears a cloth mask on her eyes to conceal the fact that Miraluka don’t have them. She has white skin and a slender figure.

WEAPONS: Double-bladed yellow Lightsaber.

EQUIPMENT: She wears a standard Jedi cloak and robes. Given the fact that the Jedi preach of detachment of possessions, she barely carries anything other than what is given to her for her missions.

OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Guardian)

HISTORY: She was only a padawan at the time of the Sith invading Coruscant, but due to the fact that she volunteered at many an occasion to thwart the Sith, she was knighted. Her ability to see through the force is a greatly appreciated skill in the order and very useful when in order to observe, eyes were not enough. She has been on Tython helping the masters with lightsaber combat training. When she’s not there though, she’s frequently visiting the Twi’lek camp to assist the villagers.

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NAME: Kale Merro

AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic


AGE: 25


APPEARANCE: Brown hair, green eyes, about 5'10".

WEAPONS: Repeating blaster, backup pistol, frag grenades

EQUIPMENT: Chest armor and helmet


HISTORY: A veteran of the Great War, Kale Merro last saw action during the sacking of Coruscant. He had survived several encounters against the Sith, and is a very experienced soldier. He now serves as general security on various capital ships.

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NAME: Darth Morbus



AGE: 42



WEAPONS: Dual lightsabers (colors in image); Zeison Sha Discblade

EQUIPMENT: (See image for attire); Has stealth field generator built into wrist bracer - limited charge, but effective; Different chemical and viral agents implemented in various small devices (combusting pellets, darts, vials, etc.)

OCCUPATION: Sith Lord (Warrior - Marauder)

HISTORY: (Waiting for CyborgNinja to post character before addition of 'history' for character, etc.) ~ (Waiting for motivation......Yep, still not there.)


A prodigal Lord of the Sith, Darth Morbus has had an interesting life. Under the the tutelage of the venerable and wise Darth Aeger, he became known as the Dark Lord's heir to the title and knowledge of poison, plague, sickness, and disease!


During a time when he and his master were scouring the known galaxy under guise and secrecy, he exhibited his own combat prowess by slaying a Zeison Sha Warrior who'd seen through his veil at the least, and testing the bounds of his disciple, Aeger did not intercede, watching as the boy of only 16 slew the Force wielding telekinetic and took the warrior's disc blade as a trophy of his victory - in time mastering the weapon without any formal training in it.


Unlike other Sith, and much like his own apprentices, he did not 'kill' his master, instead the two of them had been working on creating a new viral agent, and through a brilliant culture devised by the young Sith Warrior - turning Marauder at the time - he had developed an agent more powerful than anything the old Sith Lord had ever created in his own life, though unfortunately Aeger had been exposed to the virus, and with no antibody or 'antidote' to speak of, the old Sith Lord died of the thing he had most worked with in his own life. Darth Aeger died bestowing his apprentice the honor of his own arts, willingly dying in the relatively non-violent, semi-peaceful manner in which he did - unlike most Sith who die by combat - knowing that he had brought someone up who had succeeded him in his own skills in every way; Morbus did not begrudge his Master for his quiet death.


Though many would say that Morbus had 'killed' his Master through the means of the viral agent he'd developed, and had thus succeeded him, Morbus did not deliberately do so, and in hindsight has admitted to never desiring is Master's death, having grown attached to the 'Old Rot' as he'd called him. By this account Morbus never took to the title of a Darth immediately.


By age nineteen Morbus was an expert Sith Warrior, and a skilled Sith Marauder, having mastered the use of his Zeison Sha Discblade, and grown to be well known for the use of chemical and viral agents much like his Master had been. At this ripe young age he'd taken to training a young Sith Purblood girl, her name now hidden by the title: Darth Kyara. She was only nine at the time, and he'd found her among the few young in the outer reaches of the Sith Empire, taking a liking to the girl's use of the Force at such a young age, and feeling that in some ways he was tied to her through the Force; he took her to Korriban, and in secret from the surrounding galaxy (meaning the Jedi, though not the Empire itself), he trained her.


Often he would take his apprentice back and forth to the central regions of the Empire, visiting the academy, he one day, felt a presence in the Force, seemingly tied to his own much like his first and present apprentice had been; he called out to the presence, sending it visions, until one day a boy showed up at the academy, revealing himself to be the one. At age twenty-one he took this boy as his second apprentice, taking him back to Korriban with him, the boy was nine at the time, much like the girl had been when he first started training her, his own title one day: Darth Velox.


At twenty-five he finally took the title of Darth, going by Morbus after his Master, for his famous - known /in the Empire - use of chemical and viral agents, though he had come close to being called Darth Atrox, for his cruel psychological manipulation of others. He continued to train his two apprentices, taking note of every development in their persons, and using that to his advantage and theirs. Darth Morbus is known as a man who is unlike other Sith, respecting of those who show they deserve it, and mild mannered, level headed, inheriting the wisdom of his Master, he is not blinded by anger and selfishness, only allowing his rage to take hold in combat to wield as a Sith does against his foes, even then keeping his emotions in check for fear of losing himself and getting killed.


As the years had passed and his apprentices grew from children to teenagers, from teenagers to young adults, he could see them becoming what they would be when they were no longer under his tutelage - and he most likely slain by one, the other, or both. He had taught them in the ways of the Sith, trying much to imbue his own characteristics within them. In Kyara he saw his prowess in secrecy as a killer, and her use of accessory implements of death with her use of throwing vibroknives - much like his Discblade - and thermal detonators - though not quite as similar, much like his use of chemical and viral agents. In Velox he saw everything else, from his own prowess with a lightsaber, to the implementation of the Force in enhancing that combat skill. In vein it had seemed he had tried to induce the training his Master had put upon him, seeing neither grow to adopt the arts of sickness and plagues; though in some small unrelated way it had taken some root in Kyara with her use of explosives.


Much to his own shame he saw that the mandatory Sith teachings he had taught were superseding what he had tried to put in them of his own personal teachings. He saw the boy had arrogance, and no respect for others, while the girl had grown cruel in a different respect to his own ways: he could see his death in them, and their own downfall, taking tidbits from visions imparted to him by the Force. He knew that to change this he would have to change them, but he knew that no more teachings could do this, so he sought to manipulate what they were and what they were becoming to work as a strength for himself and them, rather than a weakness. He subtly worked their feelings, drawing out feelings of attachment towards Kyara in Velox, he would use this to create hesitation in Velox if he decided to supplant him. Kyara would be more difficult, but in time she too would come to have attachment, and issues of killing her Master if the time ever came. Eventually he took these crossing threads of feelings, attachments, doubts, and cares, and would weave them within a figurehead for them both, himself. If one sought to kill him, then it would bring them to consider what the other would do or think; if they sought to kill each other, then it would bring them to think of how he would react. And even in the rare case of both trying to kill him, it would still give them pause.


He did this for his own survival, and their further growth - not to mention their survival - but with time what he had done would come to a fruition he had not expected. Both would become Darths, neither killing him, nor attempting to, though not together as often anymore, the manipulations of feelings would grow into a genuine union of the three, creating a group of Sith not seen since Darth Traya and the Sith Triumvirate, though, lacking the enmity between the three. Something Morbus had not expected, but did not begrudge.

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This took me longer than I expected it to...I blame trying to find a good appearance.


NAME: Darth Velox



AGE: 30


APPEARANCE: Velox Just the face, not the attire.

WEAPONS: Red Double-bladed Lightsaber


OCCUPATION: Sith Marauder

HISTORY: Darth Velox had an interesting childhood for a future Sith Warrior to say the least. He lived with his mother and uncle. His father was a soldier in the Sith army and had to leave a year or so after Velox was born. Velox had a fairly normal childhood. He was home-schooled by his mother and uncle, and when he wasn’t learning he was seeking adventure. He saw his father as a hero and wanted to be just like him.


One day Velox discovered that he was Force Sensitive after getting into a fight. For a time he decided to keep this to himself. Velox soon got visions of someone calling out to him and telling him to go the academy. One day Velox snuck out and decided to finally listen to the vision. Soon he’d meet the man behind the vision, and the man that would become his master…Darth Morbus.


Velox learned how to wield a lightsaber, which he showed to be quite talented at. His skills with using the force were not the best however. Velox’s fascination with the lightsaber caused him to focus on force abilities that would help him in lightsaber combat. Though he showed great potential, he was also very arrogant. This arrogance would lead to a rivalry with another of Morbus’s apprentices; Kyara.


Kyara was always very gifted, and Velox was always trying to outdo her. Despite his competitive attitude towards her, there was always something unique about her. Velox felt this weird desire not only to continue to try to impress his master, but to impress her as well. This desire seemed to grow stronger and stronger, until he realized he was attracted to her. He never acted upon his feelings as he feared what her reaction might be. This was odd for him, especially since he was usually so cocky. He came to regret his decision in not speaking up as she soon left for Coruscant.


Velox is a bit different from most other Sith. For one thing he has yet to kill Darth Morbus, and has no plans to either. Despite most Sith killing their masters to take their place, Velox respects his too much to do that…even if Morbus can get on his nerves from time to time. He’s still a very arrogant individual, and can be a bit of a hot head at times.

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Chev gave me the O.K.



NAME: Darth Atrion



AGE: 35

SPECIES: Human/Sith Hybrid

APPEARANCE: Underneath his mask, he had the standard build of any human. He had silver/yellow eyes, and black hair. The only thing unusual was his red skin tone. (Due to him being both Human and Sith.)

WEAPONS: Twin Crimson Lightsabers.

EQUIPMENT: Vibroknife.

OCCUPATION: Sith Warrior.

HISTORY: Much of his early history (and name) is unknown, but it is known that he was born from a human Sith Commander and a sith pureblood Officer on Korriban. He was trained by Darth Xedrin, a lord in the Korriban Academy. He eventually became a successful Sith Warrior, and a master in the art of Niman. He had a cold personality, but he was also practical and smart. Hew only believed in killing other Sith when he felt that they were 100% weak, far different than other Sith - who harm at any sight of weakness. He took the title of Darth after slaying his master. He named himself Darth Atrion, and he involved himself in many of the battles in the Great War. Unlike most Warriors, he learned the arts of Sith magic, but was far from mastering it.

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