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Have a question. Working on a module where I recruit an NPC to my party and he takes the lead in a module. No problem there, everything works fine. My question though, is once he takes the pc role, how do I prevent him from autoleveling up to where the exile is. I want to keep him to stay a level 9 guardian instead of jumping to level 19.


From the threads, I am under the assumption that this is tied to the autobalance.2da. And it reads which level to autobalance from the utc's Multiplier Set. I have it set to 0 which corresponds to no autobalance. But it still levels up when the new party lead takes over. Am I wrong with this?


Any thoughts?

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hmm a serious issue indeed. If you're talking about the Multiplier Set value from the Advanced Tab in an utc, most of the NPCs seems to have it set to 3.


You're gonna replace the player with an NPC and with 0 is still leveling up? levelmult column says 0 doesn't it, it SHOULDN'T be leveling up should it?? :mad:


If it's impossible to avoid leveling up, you could start with a weaker character of course (reducing from the beginning the Challenge Rating and Hit points, plus Natural AC too) and also try to lower how much the character gains in each level up. For that, is it possible to create a Set_6 row in row 6 with new values in autobalance.2da, would it be "read" by the game I wonder? there, you could set for example the vpmult to 0.12 or less instead of 0.65 if that is the vitality multiplier set ...


I'm partially rambling here u know, I haven't read threads already but that seems to be vpmult column meaning right? :raise:


good luck :thmbup1:

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