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Sand Peole hangup


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Hi, guys. I'm trying to advance the Sand People quest (light side) and cannot manage to survive the fight at the sand crawler. Does anyone have a winning strategy or any recommendations (level, party members, etc.)?


Idk if it will help but I just loaded up a save I had there and I was level 12 soldier. Bastila and Canderous in my party. Hope this works for you:D

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Dont read further if you want to keep battles challenging.



The trick to win 99% of battles in Kotor1/2 is either kill them first or mass disable.


Both work overpoweringly well, because the majority of enemies have virtually no defense against anything. They do however good damage. Thats whats stopping you.



For the former pick Canderous, Bastila and yourself using dualwield melee. The game becomes autocombat.


For the latter pick the Fear and Wound lines, dont worry them being Dark Side, they are cheap and extremely efficient, dont need armor because nothing will move, ever. Oh and Stun Droid for the robots for the same effect.


Assuming you are a Guardian in armor, you will have to employ the above tactics using Bastila ( she can solo the game, so can Canderous) until lvl15, which unlocks Force Wave, which is the I_Win button. I seriously advise against using it, ever.

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