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I'm trying to catch up on all the gossip!


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Ray appears now and then, he is the same Ray we all know and love.


Zoom is here most days, and oddly seems less rebellious in his old age, but has a scary thing about Samurai Swords.


McCoy seems to have somehow got really really grumpy over the years and is in denial about how much he loves the place. He claims to look like a cross between Justin Bieber and Dan Haggerty these days.


Joshi pops in rarely, but has been noticed.


Huz is often here and is like some sort of wise owl.


Skinkie is also around and obviously still loves the place (we love you too Skinkie).


Alia occasionally pops by for a bit, first person I spoke to back when she was Captain Andy I think. Some quality banter there also.


Das Mole occasionally pops in, but refuses to tell us what that embarrassing thing was that he wanted to go back in time and change when he was 13.


Artisa is the new kid on the block, you two should hang out together, gossip about McCoy.


RemiO, Brighteyes and others have been seen. Alas still no sign of Carl :(


I'm here also of course and am taking all of the credit for breathing life into this place again. :D There's replies from at least 3-4 different members most days now.

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Everything is awesome! :heart3:


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


...except for my sim card, which has inexplicably ceased to exist whenever someone tries to call it or it tries to call someone. :giveup: Hope it's temporary but knowing my luck it probably isn't :dozey:

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I have one. The bulb is dead and I can't find a new one (since the wastefull incandescent lamps have been kinda banned EU-wide). My lavalamp never really...lava'd properly though, for some reason. Always was just one big lump going up and staying there.

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I saw the exact same thing when I tried putting a 10 watt bulb in mine. It looked like an atomic mushroom cloud. In my case, I fixed it by going with the higher wattage.


Not sure what to do about the non incandescent thing. Kind of means the death of lava lamps, since the waste heat that incandescents put out is what makes the thing work.


Put it in front of the heater, perhaps?

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Roy has been building a garden shed art studio, but we keep sneaking in and redecorating the place. He really needs to get a door on it...


I have doors on it now btw, Dropbox uploading is being an arse though, so bear with me for the update photos.


For the record, it would be lovely if just one post ever could stay on topic in here lol.

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