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Show us your monkey

Zoom Rabbit

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:max: I may not have had the chance to play Monkey Island, but at least I have a monkey. Sort of.



(Plastic monkey idol from 'Tomb Raider.')


What about you? Hah? Go take a picture of your monkey and post it. Do it now, or you will be thought of as less of a monkey islander.

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Oh my goodness!! How could I forget my spherical plush monkey, or Binky as I call him!! :heart3: Again, in the last country I lived in so no pic :p Also it's supposedly supposed to be for display purposes only, despite it being softer than a regular plushy...

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...you win. :hearteye:


"In the last country I lived in" makes you sound like a secret agent. Are you a secret agent? Don't worry, I understand you can't say. Now we all know you're a secret agent.


Last country meaning Bangladesh that's classified information. :shads3:


I doubt her mother ever told her.


Apparently there's a lot of things she didn't tell me. :¬:

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Now hold on a moment. I just pulled off some third rate remote viewing, and you dismiss my results? Not so fast.


Do a google image search for 'round plush cow,' and you will turn up a screen full of different types and configurations, colors and whatnot. Yours does not turn up...but the closest match by far of them all was the one I selected.


:dozey: How do you explain this?


I'm going to bet your new beanbag chair is really red leather, too. ;)

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