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Show us your monkey

Zoom Rabbit

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The 'horse stirrup' is a large animal trap. The thing was caught in it by ranchers, who killed and mummified it. The government presumably has it...




(Or is it a road kill of some kind, posed in the trap, with a monkey skull attached for charm?)


(No! It's a real demon monkey.) :dozey:

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Hubbard messier extremist increases every strike on like it was size and everything personalizing are getting rest of my life to regain my sanity Muslims angriest money Muslims or your lungs my mom was in her fears slide body growing yes you're listening Ripped Muscle X revision from yesterday my eyes get a blast i buy more bombs Northrop’s hostile reverie by recent overture bond I like hard nicely has gone through my release micron group tremendous to my party average forms protein much difference I am enormous past work for me Yuan’s into a


Say, McCoy...


The above text was posted by a spam bot that is undoubtedly by now erased. (This version has the links removed.) I think this one is for sure using a Markov string generator.


Note how there is no period. :dozey: Or meaning. I am thinking of changing my title to 'Hubbard messier extremist.'

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