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For the times they are a-changin


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How things have changed over the years.


Where are the flame wars, the religious bigotry, the fake suicide posts? Where have all the 'cool people' gone from the good old days, the ones who used to have such hissyfits about our 'irrelevant banter'? ("Official Lucasforums Troll Squad" Zoom? lol).


I suppose I do miss all the silliness in a way. The craziness, the opinionated ones, the "I'm leaving" posts, the uptight modding (Neil is excused from this lol, and no offence to the other guys - but you were uptight lol), and the massively long winded replies (hey, I was guilty of this lol) picking apart every small detail of a previous post.


How things have changed. I think this place rocks more than ever, just on a smaller scale. It's so good natured. It's now much like an old bar in a condemned building where a small handful of old timers hang out to relive the glory days, and without knowing it, make some new glorious memories.


I love this place still. Let's keep the fire burning.


(McCoy, I'm already expecting a "No!" from you, so posting "No!" serves no purpose other than to highlight that I know you better than you know yourself.....or am I using reverse pyschology? :D)

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You're ALL under arrest for talking nonsense. :max:


Actually, I was 'Bat Man.' Ask Ray. ;)


Oh, and you must convert to Islam, Roy. :dozey: If you don't, about five hundred of my mates are going to come over there and 'Put the share in Sharia,' in a manner of speaking.

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