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Post your photo 2014


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No, that has to be his inner child. ;) I think he looks like Roger Daltrey.


I think Natty makes a super hippy chick. And you can take my word for it; I've seen a lot of hippy chicks.


Roy looks Australian. It could be because of the drink he isn't drinking ( :dozey: ) or that his wife isn't looking pissed about in the second picture...


Artisa looks like trouble, with or without pirate weapons. :D


Skinkie looks a lot like my weed-smoking buddy Wingnut (not his real name.)


And...I look like Roy's uncle Billy. Swell.

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it could be something you took like last month or something :dozey:


There aren't any pictures of me from last month. Or the month before that. Or any other month of this year.


I mean, seriously, why would I take pictures of me? I know how I look.

And other people I socialize with generally know it's not a good idea to take a picture of me, if they want to not have the photo-taking device smashed onto the floor.

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