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Post your photo 2014


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We haven't had one of these for ages....and they used to be such a regular thing back in the old days. Here's Roy in his old age....(I'm the knackered looking one in the black)






Hopefully these work, as I haven't got Facespace and they're from somebody elses account.


P.S. I wasn't actually boozing that night, despite the glass in my hand.

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Can't get any more recent than this - took these today! :D






The dude next to me with the fantastic hair is my brother! :xp:


Admittedly I didn't know what we were striking about at first so I said random things like "Down with oppression!", "Anarchy!", "Revolution!", "Independence!", I have signs!" and "Bring back Monkey Island!" :rofl:

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I see that Dr. McCoy is a small child in anime. :dozey: I call bullsh*t.


Skinkie seems to be formless, and Natty is a blue box with a question mark. :max: Somehow I thought she would be prettier...


Artisa, as an American citizen I wholeheartedly endorse your carrying a sign for independence in a British political rally.

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My 5yo God Daughter thought I would look good wearing her headband... I do think it suits me :p



So this pic is actually about 2years old, but it's one of those rare pics of me that I actually like. It was my cousin's 50th birthday party and she had a 60's theme, hence the flower power!



My latest tattoo... yes I'm inked! :p My second tattoo, which I got at the start of the year and fainted afterwards. First time ever fainting. I also have a butterfly on my wrist, which I got about 3 and a half years ago, and if I can find a pic of it I'll post that too.



And just this pic of me and some of my friends, we're famous! Well sort of, anyone who remembers my love for her will actually get just how important this is to me!


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