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DOTT history lesson for non-Americans

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There's so many odd references in Day of the Tentacle that don't make any sense if you're not American that I thought I'd put together a history lesson (of commonly held myths) that are useful to understand if you're a non-American DOTT player:




Possibly especially useful with the DOTT: Special Edition around the corner!

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I can't find an answer to Jefferson's deal witht the log. What's up with this wooden obsession?



I'm not 100% sure, but it's possible that his obsession comes from the fact that rather than buying the materials to build his home, he used all of the materials around his property to build Monticello. This included molding and baking his own bricks from the clay and using lumber from the trees on his property. He also planted trees on the property (possibly to compensate for the ones he cut down).



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