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LucasArts Adventure Book


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This idea has been floating around my head for a long time, but several things happened this year that made me really want it make it happen.

I could finally find some time to sit and read Masters of Doom and I couldn't stop thinking about how cool it would be to read a book the golden years of adventure making at LucasArts, done in the same vein. 

Then we got not one but two books about that similar period of game making at Sierra:


SierraCover_FullRez-701x1024.png 3D-book-NEW-cover-design.png


The Sierra Adventure by Shawn Mills

Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings, by Ken Williams


We've heard a lot about that time, from articles and interviews here at Mojo, information from books like Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts and videos like Double Fine Adventure documentary and the recent Monkey Island anniversary stream


It would be amazing to read something that captures all that in one place, from the perspective of the developers. I would stray away from trying to be extremely encyclopedic, but I would like to tell the whole story. My main interest is adventure games and we have plenty to work with just that. I would also love to have some material on the Telltale games and spiritual successors like Broken Age and Thimbleweed Park. Of course, getting new interviews would be the best.


I have some difficulties: English is not my first language, I don't think I could pull something like this off just by myself. I don't know if writing something like this is even legal

This is some great community, and maybe there is some interest in here to make something like this a joint effort.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it


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Don't worry, I'm not going to do my own advertising :)


So I'll just take the liberty of saying that @LucasFilmGames (on Twitter) is writing a real bible on the subject containing hundreds of interviews, visuals, and so much unreleased material that it's indecent. (On the other hand, no idea of the release date).




Oh, and I wasn't saying that to discourage anyone, on the contrary. I am in a position to say that as long as there are people writing about LucasArts / LucasFilm, and there is love for these games, it can only be positive !!

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I would love it if a big book about the history of LucasArts comes out! I already own the Rogue Leaders book, but that's hardly ever informative about anything not Star Wars.

On a different note, thanks for the tip on the Ken Williams book! I ordered it the moment I saw it pop up here!

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