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  1. I haven’t finished it yet, but until now I agree. They’re pretty much fun and creative platform levels, but haven’t really blown me away yet. I’m still loving every second though, and the game does really surprise me at points.
  2. Maybe I'm a bit more sceptical than you. It's kind of an ongoing irritation to me that Hollywood is just milking franchises dry to the bone. The magic of Hollywood to me is that new ideas were being tested and the most wonderful things came out of them. These days it just seems that they're trying to keep every cashcow from the 70's, 80's and 90's alive, while the ideas have long lost their freshness. Disney is one of the worst offenders of this, in my opinion. I haven't been enthousiastic about Star Wars since the prequels came out, but somehow Disney managed to make the franchise even more fragmented and illogical, with zero respect for the original vision or characters. I get that the Marvel universe is awesome to some people, (at least they're doing something fresh with those franchises,) but even that formula is starting to get stale and unfollowable. In short, I'm very sceptical of a new Indiana Jones film in general (especially without Spielberg and Lucas at the helm), and news of CGI de-aging and preparing characters for a spin-off are only making me feel more uneasy. And Thunderpeel, you're right. I'm very sensitive about Indy. He's my #1 hero from when I was younger. I just don't want to see him dragged through the mud (again.) I'd rather have them let sleeping dogs lie.
  3. I don’t care if the follow up is male or female, I just don’t like a movie as a vessel to pass the torch. Just make a good movie, not a way to milk the franchise for another 30 years.
  4. Like JonesJr said on the front page, this is concerning... I don't like a 'passing the torch' idea at all... I'm hoping and wishing this article is wrong...
  5. Playing it, and taking my sweet, sweet time!
  6. No CGI horror? It’s already been confirmed that Ford will be digitally de-aged, right? Anyway, I hope he makes a quick recovery.
  7. By the magic of 90’s knowhow, I distill upon thee the answer: They were streamed from… THE CD’S!!! (cue epic lightning) No hard drive was to big enough for more than 4 gigs of movies for one game.
  8. Damn, that’s some Phantasmagoria stuff right there! Did you have to swap them during play too? Or just when installing? Also, was it a big box release? I didn’t really get into Psychonauts until a couple of years ago.
  9. Psychonauts 2 wil be out in less than a week, (Yay!) and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m pretty bummed though that there won’t be a physical edition available right from the start and I’ll have to get it… *shudders*… digitally… It’s very disappointing that, as a fan of Double Fine who missed out on the kickstarter, it won’t be released physically, at least until (probably) Limited Run will announce it. Which leaves me with the option to play it on release and not have a physical edition, or wait for a physical edition and not being able to play it for quite some time (dodging spoilers al across the interwebs along the way), or to double dip! (Also I’m a Playstation gamer, who’s home computer is a Mac, so a Microsoft Gaming account really isn’t for me.) I miss the good ol’ big box pc days.
  10. Funny, I've thought of that myself for a couple of times, but I have most my game files backed up on discs or hard drives by now. I get the nostalgic value, but isn't it easier just getting the games from GOG (or a similar service) and playing them from there? (Saves you on swapping discs too!) If you really want to play them as they were released, it might be better investing in an old pc setup (486 or something). A friend of mine still has one standing around too.
  11. How could you hate The Dig??? I love that game! It’s actually on my ‘to replay’ list, so if you tell me where to look I can tell you what I hear. Mind you, I don’t know the first thing about code or programming. (And it might take some time for me to get around to it.)
  12. Interesting. I never noticed that either.
  13. You put a lot of work in this! Thank you! What exactly is the advantage of playing CMI natively? I heard there were some sound issues with ScummVM, but I never really noticed this when playing. You probably don’t have a Mac launcher up your sleeve somewhere, do you?
  14. There was! It was called Intellicast, and consisted of two guinea pigs, some string and a whole lot of chestnuts. Also, welcome!
  15. So, what does everybody think about Steve Purcell's cover drawing? I like it, because I just love Steve's drawing style! I also like that he kept to the more classic Sam and Max designs, not the more wacky drawings he made in later years. It is, however, very clear that he does not have the time or budget to make a detailed cover like Hit the Road anymore. (Or God forbid, Monkey Island 2.) I would love to one day have him return to that technique and style, but for now, I'm happy with every little piece of Sam and Max art we get.
  16. I’ve wanted one of those for a long time, bit the shipping is what kills it for me, just like with the Limited Run Monkey Island box. Why does worldwide shipping have to be so expensive?
  17. So... anyone know what kind of physical editions of the game will be available through retail? I can only find stores with temporary box-art in their pre-orders, but I'm kinda hoping there will be a neat special edition of some sorts, for us people who were too late to back.
  18. No, I meant Psychonauts 2. I remember a Raz statue being part of the goodies, and a physical art book, boxed copy of the game, soundtrack etc. etc. I did back Broken Age back in the day, and I was really glad I did! But I never got Psychonauts 1 because I didn't have a Playstation 2 of XBox back in the day, so I only discovered it on Playstation 4 when it came out. That's why I didn't back part 2.
  19. So looking forward to this! I replayed part 1 during lockdown and it rocked my world again! I do regret never backing the project, but back then, I don’t think I ever played Psychonauts 1. Would’ve loved some of those goodies though.
  20. It's a good thing I don't have those then. Mixnmojo is the only social media I've got!
  21. Just keep away from news posts and use spoiler tags in the forums. By the way, do you guys think I should’ve used spoiler tags in my last message? Just to make sure for future posts.
  22. https://www.ign.com/articles/indiana-jones-5-young-harrison-ford-flashback-de-age Oh, dear! Just what I was afraid of. All aboard the digital de-age train! We all saw how that worked for De Niro, right?
  23. I don’t see how that ties to a mystical relic, but at least it’s an original idea. I’ll take this rumor with a mountain of salt though.
  24. Like I said! I liked the nuke the fridge scene! I don’t know how anyone can hate it, and not hate the rubber boat scene from Temple of Doom. Good on Spielberg for pushing it! Thanks! Although I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to beat any nazi's (or Russians) over it.
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