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  1. Everyone has their own way of descending, I guess. On another topic, how do you 'wishlist' (as you youngsters put it) something? I can't find a button like that anywhere!
  2. There is no trilogy. There are six games, four of which Ron Gilbert worked on to some capacity, and all six have different art styles. Judging from the screenshots and trailers all these games will be referenced in the new game as well, so counting it as a trilogy really doesn't hold up. If they decide to remake SMI and MI2 in this art style, you'd have six games, of which three will have the same art style, and three will have something completely different.
  3. The briefcase is a great example, and Ron would seem like just the kind of guy to pull off a similar stunt... and I'd love it!
  4. Could you clarify this? I don't understand that you dislike it as a style for a Monkey Island game, but that you'd love it if the first two games were remade in this art style. As for me, I love how the characters blend in with the backgrounds! In my recent playthrough of CMI I noticed that the characters feel like they're layed on top of the scenery, instead of being part of it.
  5. I have an LG too, and I didn't really make any real adjustments. It didn't bother me on SMI and CMI. But on MI2 the Oled really made me see the scan artefacts in the black of the backgrounds, so that's a little drawback I guess. Can't beat couch gaming though.
  6. Or you can do it the way I played SMI, MI2 and CMI. Hook your macbook up to the tv using an USB C/HDMI cable, and use a trackpad to lay on the handrail of your couch. Beats sitting at a desk with a small screen anyday!
  7. The Marley Foundation - They based a whole foundation on fact checking the ramblings of Herman Toothrot?
  8. I'm letting it slowly sink in, and what I love about it is how piratey and dynamic it really is! I just came off CMI, and everything felt a bit stiff this time around. This has so much more life! Of course this is only a trailer, but I love all the different dramatic angles, ambient lighting and effects! I'm really, really psyched!
  9. I like a shorter Brush too! Lanky Guybrush was only really used in CMI and TMI. I think EMI got the facial design perfect with a shorter stature. I just think the walking animation looks a bit weird here, because of the stubby legs. Ah, what the heck, It'll probably grow on me. It's just nitpicking really.
  10. I'm a Switch man too! But I guess I'll double dip this one! Another thing: - I love Stan's animation on the website!
  11. - Oh, and I love the new Guybrush design... except for the stubby legs!
  12. Whoaaaa!! This is absolutely amazing!! Man, this hits me in all the right places! Great trailer, it's jam packed and still doesn't answer too many questions! My first thoughts: - Goosebumps! - The new theme song rendition sounds absolutely fantastic! I love the epicness of it! - The designs look great! The whole thing has so much colour, detail and ambience! - I love hearing Guybrush's voice again! He sounds a bit more mature this time around, like he's seen the world! - I'm not too keen on the motion tween animation, but I guess I'll get used to it. It's a small price to pay for such a lustrous world filled with detail! And it worked for Broken Age too. - Where's the release date?! And the big box edition?!
  13. Whoa! That must be the original Indiana Jones jacket! His mom even embroidered his logo in the tag.
  14. First of all, what a great find! But these cutscenes actually underline the fact that I'm so glad they cancelled this. I don't like the designs, I hate the direction they were going with this, (I agree 100% with @KestrelPi on the Ben and Moe dynamic), and Ben's voice is truly grating. While he sounds more like Roy Conrad here than in the announcement trailer, the delivery is way too flat, there's no emotion in it. Roy Conrad was able to sound tough, cool and still emote in the little space that left him. Some forms of media are better left without a sequel. Btw, does anyone else think Ben kinda looks like Popeye here?
  15. I actually know it as this song: (Please don’t comment on the imagery in this clip, the discussion has been fueled enough over here.) It’s been a traditional dutch “Sinterklaas” song for as long as I know. Sinterklaas is the dutch Santa Claus, (in fact Santa is derived from this tradition.)
  16. Thanks everyone! I'm gonna try out your suggestions when I get some free time! We've been a bit preoccupied with our newborn son lately, so everything else is put on hold.
  17. While playing TWP I never used the hint system. I thought the puzzles were really well tweaked in difficulty (I played hard mode btw). I did use the notepads a lot and thought they were a good way of keeping track of everything. I didn’t find the item swapping very tedious either.
  18. Whoa! These look really good! I can see what you mean with the texts, but all and all these look absolutely fantastic! I'd love to see you try this with the DOTT backgrounds too, (and after that, compare them to the Double Fine remaster.)
  19. Whoa! I really didn't expect this! Good for you for trying it again, and great for you that you're able to let loose on something that you dearly believed (and sharing it!) I'm a bit jealous of you, because you backed the game! I didn't, because back then every aging game developer suddenly went to Kickstarter because of the Double Fine Adventure succes. (I did back Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded though... boy, did I pick the WRONG game to back.) Anyway, it's great to see you turn around like this! And I'm thankful that you have another great game to add to your library. Kudo's to you!
  20. I like this one! I never knew it had so many different reactions!
  21. I think Disney is one of the scariest company's at the moment. The monopoly they hold over media and the hypocrisy with which they treat certain subjects is something that I just cannot get behind, so I rarely endorse them. However, in rare circumstances this can be a positive thing, as I doubt the making of a new Monkey Island would have been made possible if it weren't for Disney. Hooray for the person that took that decision. However one right does not undo all the wrongs that are done just for the sake of making money.
  22. I'm looking into that. Do you know if there are specific drawbacks or differences between the two versions (besides the laughably bad PS2 cover).
  23. Thanks for the info! Parallels sounds great, it's just a bit pricey for just one game though. (especially for what is in my opinion the worst of the Monkey Island series.) I also use my laptop for work, and I'm not much of a programmer, so the easier it is to use, the better.
  24. Hi everyone! In the wait for Return to Monkey Island, I'm replaying all the previous games in the series. Since my last brush with the series, I have switched from PC to Mac for work related purposes, and I'm glad to say that ScummVM has been great for allowing me to run the classics on that platform. However, I have now landed on Escape from Monkey Island, but I think it might be the most difficult one yet, as it's not really supported on the system and ScummVM lists it as 'bugged'. I've heard ResidualVM does the job, but that it's not particularly flawless and might even be buggy. My question: What's the best way to enjoy Escape from Monkey Island on mac? Is it ResidualVM? Or are there other ways? Will playing the PS2 version with an emulator provide a better experience? And is the PS2 version superior or inferior in any way to the PC version? Please tell me your experiences, if you have any.
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