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  1. From Noah Falstein Facebook. Terryl Whitlatch's drawings of the intelligent alien race in Falstein's version of the Dig (circa 1990). Whitlatch will later design Sebulba or Jar Jar Binks for Geoge Lucas in SW Episode 1.
  2. According to Noah Falstein (and plenty others LucasFilm Games alumni), mostly everyone was fond of Star Trek at that time in the studio. And concerning Star Wars, there was some various proposal for an adventure games but none has been validated. I remember that Mark Ferrari put some SW Adventure Games art on his website. But when I asked where it came from, he answered me that it was just a proposal from an outside company that wanted to pitch a SW game. The project was never really considered...
  3. I'm pretty sure you already saw it, but Noah Falstein dig out some old files from Star Trek : The Computer Game (1988)
  4. A little bit more on that early Outlaws pitch.
  5. I saw the answer he made on Twitter : It may not be as exciting as an adventure game, but I still find the use of the SCUMM engine to be quite original.
  6. I'm not sure at all. I was guessing but indeed we will have to wait for some more info.
  7. Both in one single game. Maybe some levels in P&C and some others in FPS action game.
  8. You may have already seen it. But one of the studio's veterans, Kevin Schmitt, just released three photos of an Outlaws game design document. So far nothing very surprising, but if you look closely at the first photo. You will notice that the document is dated 1995 and that it is a .... adventure game based on the SCUMM engine! I really hope we will learn more
  9. Aric has confirmed that it is indeed the voice of Tamlynn Niglio (Elaine)
  10. That's fantastic Bennyboy ! Thanks for having extracted this. There are some interesting and funny stuff. I haven't listened to everything yet, but for example the 189.wav to 258.wav does indeed feature a woman voice. My low level of English does not allow me to guess which moment of the game it is nevertheless. And I feel like there's a different second female voice (131.wav, 132.wav) but I'm not really sure.
  11. It was ! That's right. Aric posted the initial document (2nd version) on his website back in the days. The doc seems to be available for download there : Pirate Curse of Monkey Island.pdf
  12. I think there will be more stuff in september. Aric is pretty busy for now. But he is motivated to share all of these. And when I caught a glimpse of the boxes full of design docs, I though I had a heart attack...
  13. I definetly understand what you mean...
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