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  1. Thank you. I'm thinking about translating myself the summary of the book (or something that give a good idea). And, well, indeed, I will add a chapter about RtMI. I don't know exactly when but my publisher will communicate about that very soon.
  2. Finally... It comes next week. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thirdeditions/monkey-island-book-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-saga
  3. Don't know if it is the good topic but... How not to have a thought for the cook's monologue?
  4. Everything is still much too fresh in my head to take a step back on the game, its end, and even its importance. It's so meta. It's gonna be exciting. After the slap I received during the prologue of the game, I believe that the reflection that transpires from the fifth chapter deserves to be digested at length. What a fantastic game. What a great reflection on 30 years of gaming, on our expectations as players, and on the SECRET Small question nevertheless, I knew that Neil Druckmann (Naughty Dog) had to interpret a character in the game. He appears, moreover, in the end credits. But does anyone know which character he plays exactly?
  5. Is there any chance you have the SSI artwork without a logo and without a title? (as for Alone in the Dark) (it's for a friend 😁)
  6. This is absolutely wonderful !!! It's been barely a week since I posted some of these SSI game artworks on Twitter wondering how to find them in better quality! Thank you 10000 times !!! And please don't stop!! And maybe one of you has this artwork in good quality? I would be very grateful ❤️
  7. Marius. Indeed, here is the results after a short investigation (on twitter :)): AITD 1 : Bruce Eagle AITD 2 : Greg Call AITD 3 : Still not sure...
  8. I've been actively looking for the original author of these 3 illustrations for Alone in the Dark for several weeks now... But I can't find it. Does anyone know anything by chance?
  9. Thanks a lot. Is there even a chance that this remaster will see the light of day..? Personally, I would be more curious that a new opus be developed rather than play endlessly on nostalgia. Nostalgia which invariably leads to a certain disappointment indeed...
  10. I have the feeling that everyone left the book in its wrapper paper...
  11. I'm trying to convince my publisher.. ^^
  12. Hi Mojo. Now that a few weeks have passed since the release of the anthology and, above all, of the book Monkey Island Chronicles, have you had time to read it? Are there new and unseen things? revelations? Small additional question to the owners of the book: A friend of mine, Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt (developer of Lancelot Hangover) was interviewed more than a year ago to appear in the book, but he finally never had a news from LimitedRun and don't even know if his stake was kept ... Would you be so kind as to tell me if so?
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