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  1. Marius. Indeed, here is the results after a short investigation (on twitter :)): AITD 1 : Bruce Eagle AITD 2 : Greg Call AITD 3 : Still not sure...
  2. I've been actively looking for the original author of these 3 illustrations for Alone in the Dark for several weeks now... But I can't find it. Does anyone know anything by chance?
  3. Thanks a lot. Is there even a chance that this remaster will see the light of day..? Personally, I would be more curious that a new opus be developed rather than play endlessly on nostalgia. Nostalgia which invariably leads to a certain disappointment indeed...
  4. I have the feeling that everyone left the book in its wrapper paper...
  5. I'm trying to convince my publisher.. ^^
  6. Hi Mojo. Now that a few weeks have passed since the release of the anthology and, above all, of the book Monkey Island Chronicles, have you had time to read it? Are there new and unseen things? revelations? Small additional question to the owners of the book: A friend of mine, Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt (developer of Lancelot Hangover) was interviewed more than a year ago to appear in the book, but he finally never had a news from LimitedRun and don't even know if his stake was kept ... Would you be so kind as to tell me if so?
  7. Unfortunately no ... As soon as we have the authorization, we will communicate fully on it. (As long as it gets done ... this stuff takes so long ... and covid clearly didn't speed things up)
  8. Hi Mojo. Just wanted to let you know that my book will be published in spanish in march 2022. You can already book it here : https://www.gamepress.es/tienda/misterios-monkey-island/
  9. Is the floppy disk a real one ? (Really curious to know if they put something on it)
  10. Oh no, not at all ! but as I did not have the opportunity to buy the anthology, I am more than curious to know what we will learn there. It's such a shame that the book is not sold separately
  11. That's amazing I am very eager to have your feedback on the book included in the anthology!
  12. Well.. Unfortunately and fortunately not, at the moment I cannot speak about it, because it seems that the project is still alive. I specify that it is not to remain mysterious or wathever... It is a nice project which deserves to move forward, but it is (very very) long and complicated !!
  13. The project, originally, was something quite ambitious. I think it will be possible to talk about it in a few weeks... Some things still need to be worked out.
  14. The fact that this project is cancelled make me so sad...
  15. Don't worry, I'm not going to do my own advertising So I'll just take the liberty of saying that @LucasFilmGames (on Twitter) is writing a real bible on the subject containing hundreds of interviews, visuals, and so much unreleased material that it's indecent. (On the other hand, no idea of the release date). EDIT : Oh, and I wasn't saying that to discourage anyone, on the contrary. I am in a position to say that as long as there are people writing about LucasArts / LucasFilm, and there is love for these games, it can only be positive !!
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