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Sam & Max Hit the Road - Remastered Soundtrack


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7 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

There are some weird cases, though, where the AdLib tracks actually offer more content. At least with a quick comparison between the Roland and AdLib End Credits (ripped via ScummRev), I noticed that the short string marcatos during the Raider's March are only present in the AdLib version. So, I guess to get the most out of the files, I'll have to compare both versions to see if anything can be added from the AdLib tracks.


Yeah, that continued to be the case in later games. For example, as far as I recall, there's an organ part in the Adlib version of the DOTT opening or end credits, which isn't in the GM version (which is particularly strange, because it's not a matter of a channel missing or something - since the GM version does have the organ, just not all the notes that the organ plays).


Also worth noting that iMUSE limited the number of channels that could actually be used at a time - which means even if a part is in the MIDI, it may not actually play in the game. The MT-32 iMUSE driver only allowed 8 channels (+ percussion), and the GM driver only allowed 9, even though both MT-32 and GM allowed 15 channels + percussion. Since, of course, multiple MIDIs may be playing at a time during transitions, the choice of which channels to include in the game are based on priority - each part specifies its priority at the beginning. But it also does happen that the number of channels in a single file exceeds those limits - meaning there are parts that will never play in the game.


ETA: Should you need the original sound numbers (e.g. because the titles I gave them are short - for script output purposes - so you might need to compare to some other lists of FOA sounds, which are likely to be in numeric order - you can find them in the symbols file I posted in another thread - https://gist.github.com/Jither/7ed7b65fb77acc0f3cd2bd28ec4c5a9f - look for the section starting with sounds {. 😉

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Updated to a slightly longer version, now including the "searching around" music, followed by the Raider's March B theme, once Indy falls down.




And an image to go along with it.



Edit: Should I just start a new thread, even if this moves along only slowly?

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