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New release of the ScummTR fan-translation tools


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Some of you may know the ScummTR, ScummRP, ScummFont and FontXY tools.


They were created almost 20 years ago, in order to let people make their own (re)translations of most LucasArts SCUMM games. The Ultimate Talkie Edition used this set of tools, for example. Oh, they can also be used to read the complete script of the games, in order to make sure that you didn't miss a joke. Or maybe just to fix a typo. Or translate it to a language that LucasArts never provided. I also remember someone using it to do his marriage proposal by revisiting that dialogue between Guybrush and Elaine on the Mêlée docks…


Anyway, here's a good news: its original author, Thomas Combeleran, kindly gave me access to the original source code, and accepted my suggestion of making these tools open-source, now. Thanks to him!


So here's a new release, after many many years:



There's still the same tools (with their known limitations, such as very limited support for non-Western-European languages), but I they're now available on Mac, Linux, and even DOS! I fixed a couple of bugs, too.


I've also set up a FAQ, and added some manuals. More documentation and howtos to come. I've been using these tools for many years, and I think that what people want the most, is some proper documentation. So I'm working on improving this, too.


Note that I'm just a maintainer and an old user of the ScummTR tools, most of all. So, I'm not a developper, and as such, I won't be able to make all your dreams come true. But since the code is now publicly available, contributors are definitively welcome!

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