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LucasArts International Releases


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Only The Dig, CMI and EFMI got the Chinese release (and also Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures). The Dig and CMI was released in English first and the Chinese one later. CMI doesn't have localised box for any releases (I've never seen one, it's all US big box). The Dig was also released in China by the same Taiwanese publisher with Simplified Chinese box and manual (and also Full Throttle and some other LucasArts titles), but the discs were imported from Taiwan, so the text should be the same. There's also a keepcase budget release for the Chinese market, same stuff from the original big box minus the box. And if I remember correctly, Sam and Max Hit the Road got both floppy and CD releases. And those published by Soft-World are accused for being unlicensed releases, because of the bad reputation of that publisher.

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