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New website dedicated to Big boxes

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Hi all !

Following the "hot" discussion last month on the thread "Project Big boxes", I decided to create a small website called Big Box Love to share my work on some bigboxes restoration.



You'll find manuals, logos, big boxes in TIFF file and more.  I mainly share 600 to 1200DPI PNG , JPG and Tif files.


Be gentle, I'm not a designer and I don't have the skills of @Laserschwert but its my contribution to the preservation of those wonderful years of gaming ! :)


My first idea was to share it as a Pack.ly ready-to-print file but the raised their price and I didn't find a easy way to flatten all layers in one so I decided to share TIF files for the boxes.


But my first work was on manuals restoration and I'll keep adding more medias.

Positive feedbacks are appreciated so I can improve the website according to your ideas and my time.


Hope you'll enjoy it ! Have a nice day !


PS: Nearly finished the golden axe poster and heretic box restoration :). Stay tuned !

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