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Are there RAVEN people here?

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ravens too busy making other games to have the time to make a whole new engine. theyde have to leave the engine-making up to LEC, and quite frankly, not to dis LEC, coz they make great games, but when it comes to their personally designed graphics engines, they arent the most technilogically advanced innovators. and raven knows the q3 engine. theyve based a lot of their stuff around the q2 and q3 engines so i'd say theyre more than experts on it. if you've got something good, i say stick to it.


lucasarts made the tanis engine for obiwan, which wasnt the most beautiful engine people had seen, and look at the **** people gave them. hundreds of people were going 'ergh thats a horirble engine. all blocky and chunky'


im more than happy with this modified q3 engine, and im confident raven will work wonders with it.


if it turns out just like the screenshots we've seen so far, ill be happy.


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