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Toto Santos...Hungarian?!?!


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In year 3, when you make Naranja pass out at Toto Santos' place, he speaks Hungarian!!! He sais things like:

"Ha azt hiszed hogy fizetés nélkül elmehetsz, nagyon tévedsz"


"Részeg csavargó" (which means: drunken homeless)

The game though only writes "idiot" as a translation.

So is Toto Santos Hungarian????

Which programmer did do this?

I browsed the credits, and only found one (possibly)hungarian name, Szarabajka. I just remember the family name. So he gave his voice to 2 characters.

Anyone have an idea about that?


[A Hungarian guy]

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My take on Toto is that he's been around. Wherever he's from, he probably spent his life in various port cities and has picked up several languages. He's a gutter-cosmopolitan.


Maybe they did pick Hungarian for Toto to bad-mouth people in another language (although I think I hear Chinese coming out of his mouth sometimes). But you can't draw any conclusions based on someone's last name, not in the United States.

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You said:

"The reason probably is: they needed a foreign language for Toto, and someone knew Hungarian."

If you read my first post again, that was the second part which I wrote. But hey! It doesnt matter, I didnt want to start arguing

about this, I just wanted to share this info with you guys.

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