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Guest King Andrei

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  • 2 weeks later...

GC is incredible that way... hey GC, what's this quote from:


But I've come to enjoy the smell of formaline- a 5% solution is satisfactory for removing all the soft parts of a rat's body. Yes, the smell is pleasing to my nose becfause I know the bones aren't mine.

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Oh no, I forgot THE thread!

What an amateurish hacking attempt...


I know, I kinda rub it in now, but that was his signature:

Wanted: Dead or Not Alive

Reward: 500.000 Fake $

Field Notes: Wanted by the LANPD (Local Area Network Police Division) for mass murder in Counter-Strike, numerous unauthorized joinings on private LAN (Local Area Network) servers and password hackings. Also wanted by the IPD (Internet Police Department) on 253 accounts of online fraud, online corruption, unauthorized accessing of pornographic websites, net imposturing, ISP (Internet Service Provider) abuse and online conspiracy. Suspect is known for providing invalid personal information when registered his Hotmail account. He is also wanted for illegal possesion of Playboy and Hustler magazines and sexual harrasement of 14 year old girls at school. Suspect may be armed and dangerous, if found in Counter-Strike.


Favourite Quotes: "It's a massive conspiracy!" "Thou shalt not spam! " "Drunk you, I ain't ####!" "I like pink. NOT! " "To spam, or not to spam? Not to spam. " "Drop you weapon, you have 15 seconds to comply! " "The Monster returns to haunt everyone! Everyone please meet: The Monster! Ahhh! It feels good to be back! " "This message is about to explode. Say goodnight, #######! "

(he hadn't sized it down though)

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