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Thanks to razorace, we now have an FAQ that can help newer members when they come to the forum or even veterans looking to learn something new. The FAQ is in HTML format and will be continually updated, so what you see now is not the final version. In this thread, you can suggest topics for razorace to add, or discuss the current contents of the FAQ. The [hopefully] many contributors will be listed in the main FAQ page alongside Homosexual Ewok, Dest, and thehomicidalegg who have already contributed some content. So, without further ado, here is the link to the FAQ.



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Exactly, I'm the only one altering the HTML code to keep order to the FAQ. :) But if anyone else wants to help, just email me or post to this thread. The ideal submissions are:


[*]A question and answer

[*]Technically and grammerially correct

[*]In a simple and easy to follow format



If part of the solution is already answered in a different part of the FAQ (say, activating the console as part of turning on Cheat Mode), please note that you want the section linked as part of the answer.


I'll personally handle the html coding and FAQ organization. :)

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I finished and uploaded today's update. I added the following Questions:

  • Why does the multiplayer AI act differently than the single player AI?
  • Why are the teams in a team match get messed up when the map is changed?
  • I've seen people standing with their lightsabers orbiting around them. How do I do that?


That is all. :D


Razor Ace

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Today's Updates:


[*]How do I make a colored Player Name?

[*] How do I Taunt?

[*]Is there a way to not have to reenter the Cheat Code for the doublebladed saber every time I die or change maps?

[*]I've seen people glide down from a jump. How do they do that?


In addition, I added some more details to controlling the Console.

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Has anyone see the special move you can only do on the stairs?


I've done it a couple times.


Seems to be when your running up the stairs and swing when someone is in front of you.


All he does is jump and swing but you can't move while hes doing it.


I've tried to do it on a server by myself and couldn't do it.


Call me crazy but I know its in the game.


I bet others have seen it and know what I'm talking aboot.

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Well I've done it about 4 times.


I think 3 of them were on the map Carbon chamber.


Usually my opponent is in front of me, I'm running up the stairs.


I swing or jump + swing and then he does the move.


It will be obvious when he does it, like the other special moves. I don't think I've ever hit anyone with it though so I don't have any idea how much damamge it does.


Sorry thats all the detail I can give.


I wish the search option wasn't disabled.


Yea its standard jk2 MP.


Ive done it in 1.02 and 1.04.


I don't have anyone to practice it on the computer doesn't want to help me.


I'd like a raven guy to comment.




Its medium stance BTW, guess that would be kind of important :D


It might be on other stances as well but I only use medium so I wouln't know.


I aslo just treid to replicate it playing against the comp and I did it 1 time out of 11 games. it seems to be almost random, but I doubt it is, none of the other moves are.


This time my opponent was in front(but im not sure if he was exactly in front) of me I only swung, I didn't jump (im pretty sure) and I was moving up the stairs at him. It all happened so fast.


He jumped up and did a double handed horizontal swing.


Just bait the comp up the stairs then roll off, to try it.


I guess I'll try after work and get a demo if I can send it to you some how.

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The ONLY place I've ever done it is on the stairs.


If its a variation of a single player special I've never seen/heard of it. There's no flipping involved. Just jumps straight up and swings across.


Got a link?


pooh, now I have to make a demo :(

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