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Jedi Outcast FAQ


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Check out the "Where to play" section on my page (listed in my signature). Though the ingame browser is fine.


1.04 (The latest patch) lets you only see 1.04 games. 1.02 lets you see 1.03 games (and vice versa) but I don't think you can join 1.03 games with 1.02 (for obvious reasons).


So get the latest patch, that's your best bet. It's on LucasArt's JK2 page btw.

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please help me someone

im stuck on jedi outcast on the first level

i only bought the game recently and im stuck on the first level

i have the green blue and red clearance codes

when i access my datapad it tells me to input them into the main arraay computer

i have tries every computer on the level but cant get it to work

i suspect it is the one in the massive room with 3 walkways with a platform in the middle

every time i touch this it says "its offline"

i cant get this to work

someone please help me out as if i hear "its offline"once more i think ill take a gun to my head:(


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I have a stupid question:


How do you write your website URL under the server name? I mean when you join a server and the computer is loading the map, you see the server name, and sometimes There is a homepage URL under it.


How to do that on your own server???

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