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WIP: Obiwan ep1/ep2 & Anakin ep2 by Jolts

Guest Jolts

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I'm bringing this model over from the basic jedi thread. You can go there here to see what else I'm up too










ears/belt items are temp place holders, right now the models face is a little dense which I should reduce...or will reduce depending on what people think.


This will be a wiredlamp studios model release. Not sure if wls guys will skin it, but I will make it available to for everyone to skin/bind, this is just a addon to the generic jedi model sdk I'm making. I'm not going to texture it, and I don't have the time to bind it...this is a little 2 day side project from other wls things

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I'd almost prefer a more generic jedi model than an obi-wan. It makes the model so much more flexible and useful. Toonces has also recently taken over Tex's work on his episode 1 obi-wan, so considering Toonces overall work ethic when it comes to models it will probably be completed very well and very quickly. What you could do is create multiple head surfaces, so that the model could be used to create a variety of different jedi. If you're pressed for time, it probably wouldn't be very practical though.


EDIT: just read over your post again and realized you're still doing the generic jedi. Nevermind :)

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Thanks for the comments...

yeah that girl is one of the models I'm doing for wls, what you saw has been redone and looks better to me at least


as far as obi, this is just an addon to the generic jedi model, not very interesting to just look at the body. I didn't realize someone was working on an ep1 obi..I still plan on finishing this head in the next day and releasing it with the model pack, if people use it great if not...oh well.


I don't think its worth the time adding all the player heads from jo into the pack, that can left up to people to add as they like.

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This is going to be a beautiful model.



I know the 'spiky' look that you are trying to create. It might be better achieved if you model the head a little rounder, and use 'shaders' to create the spiked hair effect. This may help eliminate the 'grease' hair do.

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little update, didn't have much time since work kicked into high gear.






How long is his rat tail supposed to be?


on this arm thickness, trying to keep it a little thin for the reason of clipping on arm movements like swinging over his head or pulling in close to his chest. Its not gonna be fun if every time you use the heavy stance his head gets chopped off by arms of girth. I was also planning on doing a version with the same type of arms from obiwan for xbox, tucked in at the elbow....looks cool and avoids some of the clipping issues.

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