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Vader Model is done!! Finally!


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Originally posted by Destroyder121

both Sithlord-ii's & nls's models look great,expect nls's model has new anims :) .nls could i have idea for your next model :D ?


New Anims? You mean New Animations? Unless there has been some incredible breakthrough there are no new animations coming with the model


It is a exelent model though :D

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hi awesome work on darth vader model

i think that a lots of ppl are working on SW models i think that it would be great if we could get some other models besides SW ones like my favorite model would a Hiko Seijuro.Tho i'm not a modeller :( i can guarrantee that this model is a challenge

the cloak is not easy to do and the face and hair is tough too.

go to this link and if u need more pix my icq is 174511322


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Yea wtf,no need to sound aggressive but Im so tempted towards that model I may end up killing my family,then myself and it will be ur fault and then youll have t live with the guilt that you caused someones death!ahhhhh!

please hurry up!:mad:

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Enough nattering on about this!


YES, it is a bloody good model. I'm very impressed that nls has taken this much time out to put THAT much detail into his model.


But, it has to be said that we have waited long enough for this model and we are all getting kinda itchy to get our hands on it.


Be advised though, that some of us aren't cutting edge "modem wise", so a 10 hour download might upset a few of us.

9 hours, yes. 10 hours, no.:p


Please, please, please release this model.

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