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what do u expect in S&M 2


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I am new to this site but I just wanted to express my overjoyous joy that I have found a group of loony toons almost as cracked as I am.


That said...


I cannot believe they are actually accomplishing this. I have not been so happy since the bulbous lump on my ass decided to move to a different vacinity and did not leave a forwording address.


I know that they are not going to have it done in 2D, so I hope that it is as good if not better as the newest adventure/strategy/rip out your hair because you did not think about adding the coathanger to the expresso machine type gameplay Escape From Monkey Island. It was very well done in its 3D format and ILOVED it.


Oh, and by the way...of course they have pubes...duh. Only those with sick and twisted minds would think they didn't.


I am now going to crawl into a hole and recite the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in its entirety...


Ta Ta


AKA Vegitablepulp

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