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Damn you having that boba alarm deelie and i dont!


Nice tho, it makes me wish i had snatched up all the 12" when i saw them from 96-99...o well.


I notice a happy little probe droid in there ; )


Plus that wall O potf2+ makes me wanna take them all out of their box and hang them and take down some stuff....soo much work with so little room.

I notcied a battlefront scout in there, i got him too. but not the game cus im so smart...actually because of a sci-fi con.


Still nice.

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He was an Xmas gift. If you look closely in the north side pic, below my Family Guys and banks and between my DVDs and alarm clock there is another LEC exclusive figure. Mongrel Man from Gladius, which I have the game guide on my desk in the south side shot. They show more figs from the game but apparently they never got made. Too bad, I love that game and the figure is really nice. $.99 off eBay :p LEC needs more excusives, and maybe some like Kyle Katarn or something from their video games.


Oh yeah, thanks again for the Probe!

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