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  1. its beyond me that with such good cover arts on these SW games (Republic commando especially) they used the current bland boxart. but cool set no less!
  2. Looks like the Indy silhouette is from Infernal Machine's cover art, but I could be mistaken!
  3. Awesome! Laser, are these recreated borders inspired by the originals or upscaled orginal borders?
  4. That's incredible, amazing work Laserschwert! Looking forward to the version including logo! Dare I ask if you have a cleaned up version of the MI SE collection cover where you use your latest ai restoration technique?
  5. I understand the risks of a project like that and the choice to keep it small circle. No worries. Thanks for sharing pack.ly, that's seems like an extremely affordable service. Do you have any tips to share on first draft mistakes or oversights you might have run into with the design and final print? Do you plan to share a poster scan/restoration of the special edition collection coverart? ;
  6. What a shame you left us out! Would have supported! Looks like an incredible amount of effort and attention went into this! Really well done!
  7. he makes some really high quality boxes that feel like the real thing, brand new!
  8. Leandro made them using scans and probably Laserschwaert magic. I think he lurks the forums. Here is some photos.
  9. I think wciv came with a dvd, actually being one of the first (if not first) games on dvd.
  10. Figured I'd run an update set of photos since I finally unboxed my games. Also, fellow forum visitor created awesome custom Special edition MI en Tales boxes. Also, Defenders of Dynatron.
  11. Yeah Rum Rogers! Yoda's adventures should be in there somewhere... Oh, I missed one photo in my previous upload! This is the laziest way of showing your collection series; I'll repost once I've tidied up the place. ;
  12. Ok, very messy photos and I'm really still unboxing everything that was up in the attic of my parents place all these years. Some other stuff still in boxes and unfortunately lost some things in my last move.
  13. RiemJ is prooobably a spammer. Odd he uses his name+initial though, makes it all the more easy for us.. https://www.facebook.com/people/Jakob-Riem/100001905115063?sk=info = everythingforyou.com
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