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Yet another "WTF?!?" thread


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Don't mean to step on any toes... but I saw this and I thought I just had to share.


What was she thinking?!?



This is the subway line I ride every day. If I hadn't worked the later shift yesterday I might just have been there. Of couse, I have seen some bizarre behavior on the trains over the years, but nothing quite like this.

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Throwing the placenta in her purse is the part that really tweaked me out.

If I had seen that I think there's no way I could have gone to work that day.


As it was some,.. person, (I really couldn't tell male or female) got on the train this morning wearing: a full-length down parka (with the hood up,) wool cap, heavy corderoys (but only one leg, the other side was missing, it looked like torn black pantyhose under that) non-matching combat-style boots (one high and brown, one low and black,) a scarf over the face, goggles, and some kind of (what I hope was) a metal war-surplus helmet, (although it really looked much more like a rusty bed pan turned upside down.)

I hope I don't need to point out that it was in the high 70s/ low 80s around here today... not exactly parka weather.

Also, it should go without saying that everything this person wore was amazingly filthy,.. and smelled dirtier than it looked.


Ahh,.. the subway! :rolleyes:


I'm really starting to think about driving in more often...

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There are many people who are completly ****ed up. She's probably one of them.


Originally posted by another_trooper

But that is weird, maybe she knew what she was doing or something. . .:confused:


Since she's a nurse, maybe she thought she knew what she was doing...

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the birth of my daughter was 4 month ago now .. and the doctors always take a look at the placenta since it gives some (i dont know exactly what) 'information' to them..




and that may be the reason why she kept it ..


plus.. a placenta is not a scary thing .. it's .. normal ..


see a birth is an amazing 'thing' and the female body does incredible things to affort that.. hormones etc. ..

a birthing woman doesnt think 100% rational ..


and it's just a story in a newpaper .. who know which 'bourgeois' people were totally annoyed because she goes to the u-train to give her child a birth. .. tsk. as if she would have prefered this.


i say she has done 'great' according to the circumstances..


plus. dont wait til she asks for help. or ask if you can help. what shall she answer??


just HELP!


(oh i get upset .. *breezes*)

and who accompanied her to the hospital.. ??

suddenly everybody has to get to work, eh??





..oh and .. did someone ask 'where was mr. DADDY???'







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Originally posted by RayJones

plus.. a placenta is not a scary thing .. it's .. normal ..

Yeah, sure, but... in her bag? Where she presumably has her hairbrush, makeup, money, etc... I dunno,... that's just "ewwww!" to me. There must have been another way... If she had just waited for the EMTs...


Secondly,... obviously once she realized that she was going into labor there was really no turning back, but she should have said something and got on a seat and positioned herself somehow so the baby didn't just hit the floor as it came out! Forget for a second about the sheer trauma of the impact on the baby... trust me, I've seen those floors and some of the stuff that gets on them! I'm often reluctant to put my briefcase down on them... The seats aren't a whole lot better, but...


And Billy,.. you're right, that is extreme! I know I wouldn't buy food from someone I thought was peeing in thier pants...


The world's gone crazy!

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hmm. yeah .. that may be a point.. i know the floors of our u-trains .. and if the baby REALLY just hit the floor, then it is .. not good.


but as i know .. a woman cant manage to stand (on her own) and 'recieve' a baby..


on the other hand it could have been just 'life' what happens to her ..




you should have been on that train, edlib, then we would know better what happened.. ;) and noone knows WHEN it will happen again.. :mad:




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