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  1. Yeah Rum Rogers! Yoda's adventures should be in there somewhere... Oh, I missed one photo in my previous upload! This is the laziest way of showing your collection series; I'll repost once I've tidied up the place. ;
  2. Ok, very messy photos and I'm really still unboxing everything that was up in the attic of my parents place all these years. Some other stuff still in boxes and unfortunately lost some things in my last move.
  3. RiemJ is prooobably a spammer. Odd he uses his name+initial though, makes it all the more easy for us.. https://www.facebook.com/people/Jakob-Riem/100001905115063?sk=info = everythingforyou.com
  4. That's really amazing work you did there! Chapeau! You've really come so close to Drew's style with this one, even more so than on the Narwhal piece.
  5. that is one of the best SW game covers. I think Shadows of the Empire is also painted btw
  6. I have to say; original way of spamming!
  7. I'm not sure if I have ever seen posters for that.. I'd love to see some photos.
  8. wife? you're married? btw pics of the frames on the wall plz, benny! I saw these Machinarium posts earlier, here's my Machinarium mini canvas on the wall =) Printed it a year back or so; I wish there would be a sequel! And as I love these indie-type games; I made one - logically for in the bedroom - of Lucidity too:
  9. Be sure to show us photos when you've put them up on the wall, benny!
  10. big question is... will it be out in time for christmas?
  11. Hehehe, yeah it is a bit confusing..however.. I'm not a native speaker but I think it is because when you use 'invaluable' in this sense, it is applied as a verb instead of an adjective. So what I'm saying is: "It's not possible to 'estimate a value' for this; it is invaluable."
  12. that's really great work! You're additions to the community are invaluable!
  13. i'll just leave this here... best matches of the 2008 euro cup! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Russia (not qualified for world cup) stole our cup! And coached by the succesful Dutch coach Hiddink no less. But the world cup might bring the Dutch team the so much deserved glory!
  14. haha that was excellent! Great stuff! I still want to do a Behind Mojo at some point, hope to work on it shortly
  15. Posters above all look great Very interesting Empire poster there too! Never seen that one before Looks rare? Cool stuff, Laserschwert! Sure nice of 'em! p.s. Sonic rocks, could he be some rebellious distant nephew of Max?
  16. that's sad news indeed.. Kenny's a great character in CMI!
  17. ohh wow, this is excellent stuff nice stories and throwbacks m0arw!
  18. although not a point-and-click.... a lesser known game by Sierra: Gold Rush Was great to see how much atmosphere they were able to put into those backgrounds with so few colours
  19. yeah found some photos of freddie's and that finnish guy's collection.. http://forums.vintagegaming.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=275&d=1094835614 http://www.kolumbus.fi/retrogameland/thecollection/the_collection_640x480.jpg Certainly impressive - albeit obsessive - stuff I think some shrinkwraps are not original as they all look the same and are not wrapped as tight as they originally are. Always cool to see such a huge collection.
  20. Haha, that's excellent MrC! It's so confusing too, some screens look really identical if i have no direct reference
  21. err-- yes, certainly. It's does, indeed! actually i manually input that quote..and memories of your former self took control ; And on topic: Have they announced a follow up game of any sorts since the success of Machinarium?
  22. hehe yeah, for cheap from a dutch site http://www.canvasdeal.nl (only serves the Dutch though!). Canvas printing has really become affordable these past two years. At the same time I ordered a similar, though a bit larger, canvas with the Lucidity cover. I just love these little independant games heh.... inside the box.. why this is in inside of there: and this of course:
  23. I was very pleasently surprised by Machinarium! I first played the demo and it was so much fun and I then just had to get the whole thing! I liked it so much I ordered the boxart on a square canvas for on my wall (ignore the awful fake silver frame below)
  24. hehe this is reaaaaaaally looking so amazing! Imagine MI1 SE with this quality. MI2 SE is going to be really atmospheric (LCR was always more atmospheric than SMI i think). Oh man, it's time to finally give some well deserved kudos to our good ol' pal LucasArts!
  25. the CSI games are certainly pretty good.. If they'd do something Sierra i'd want a finished Outpost! Okay but really I'd love to see the Gabriel Knight series picked up again...
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