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  1. Too bad ME3 seems to have (f)lamed out for a lot of people. Just saw that the Omega DLC is supposed to come out ~Nov 27th for ~ $15. If you haven't seen anything on it yet, it's supposed to be about 2x size of Leviathan and feature a female turian. Still won't change the end, though..... :xp:http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/10/12/nycc-mass-effect-3-omega-dlc-price-release-date

  2. You plan on seeing the new Dredd film?

  3. Could be. I never really messed with the modding stuff that required GIMP or photoshop, etc... beyond basic recoloring.

  4. Someone made a Terminator-Darth Sion mod a few years ago, so I suppose what you were thinking of w/the mole/beauty mark would probably be possible.

  5. Did notice that, after checking an older save, the changes start right around the the run for the beam in London. I had a current game that I'd stopped right before Cronos. Between the two, I didn't notice any changes till the very end in London. So, I'm happy that I don't have to go back to Cronos to see how my other saves play out the endgame. If Bioware had done this initially, there might not have been as much pointless raging. Did see a vid on YT that alluded to a slightly longer final convo w/Anderson that was cut. Pity they didn't restore it. As to patch issue....could have just done it over 2 patches or compressed it more I suppose. C'est la vie.

  6. Yeah, but is it some random pic you found somewhere or something else?

  7. Yeah, know what you mean about developing a case of tunnel vision when it comes to games. The "slideshow" was less obnoxious than I expected, as I'd thought there'd be more of it from some people's comments. With this ending thing done now, might be able to move onto something different myself soon.

  8. Started to watch the synthesis ending sabre posted, but decided to stop and just play it out. Went with refusal ending first, since it appeared to be shortest. Will look at other three over course of today. When you do play it, you'll notice changes (mostly/all cinematic) before you even get to TIM. Fortunately, as I'm playing this on PC, was able to rename the autosave, so I'll only have to play the other three out from the point where you meet the kid.

  9. I'd say play ME3 w/o the EC first and then install it and go back to right before Cronos*. Have only gone through the Refusal ending so far, though. Have 3 more variations to go... Have to admit that the "slideshow" concept mentioned in leXX's post sounds like a cop-out (edit: turned out to be less obnoxious in execution that it sounded).


    *on subsequent playthrough, noticed you won't have to go back that far afterall. Just play through from last save on earth before hitting Citadel (don't know if you're doing it console/PC). Of course you can just install now and watch the "old" endings on YT.

  10. Here and there. What's with the new avi?

  11. Good to know. What's the matter with the current server?

  12. Was just in Target and they were selling TOR for $20, good thru saturday. Tempted.

  13. All das Beste zum Geburtstag.

  14. Found this while searching something else..

    Any thoughts?
  15. It was a random photo I found. This current avi is just a placeholder for the short term.

  16. Caught myself a few times too, after the fact of course. :) Also, checked out some of TOR smuggler storyline on YT. Have you noticed any voices from other games (was that Ali Hillis VOing Syreena?) while playing or much use of music from either Kotor or TSL? Did notice some stuff from TSL, though some of the music in the cutscenes seemed off, for lack of a better word.

  17. -10 points for posting in your own profile. :xp:

  18. Certainly a far cry from your last avi. rimshot

  19. I don't think AC3 is necessarily gonna have a NA pc. http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Assassin's_Creed_III

    "The game will be set between 1753 and 1783, and will focus on a new ancestor, Connor Kenway, who fought during the American Revolution. "

  20. that's just.......mean. :devsmoke:
  21. Was doing an insanity run right up to the Rannoch Reaper. Dialed back after getting killed a few times. However, did get both Geth and Quarian fleets this time. Just as well b/c this was a Talimancing runthrough. Also, saved Mordin for first time. His mail made me laugh when he talked about looking forward to correcting the Crucible engineers in person.

  22. Interesting. Closest I've gotten to something like I said was adding skills to Shep in ME1 w/the console (eg. think soldier w/singularity, barrier and a tech skill or two).

  23. Well, it would be cool if games let you create your own class where you can mix'n match the skills, etc.. you like for your pc.

  24. your new avi made me think of something like this at first: thumbnail.aspx?q=4834102179136491&id=a7766260254bf7db6d4a32db27346ddf&url=http%3a%2f%2f4.bp.blogspot.com%2f-tVoB0GPpju0%2fTe-8uUtFhYI%2fAAAAAAAAEVg%2f0_1EUAqUVks%2fs400%2fbushy_eyebrows.gif, but I guess those are some kind of special googles or she's a miraluka.

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