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  1. The 6th is a Lore entry near the Temple. There's a datacron assembly machine in a green lit cave to the far left when you actually get near the sith temple. Just like there are 2 lore items on Korriban in each of the trainer's rooms on 2nd lvl. Didn't know about lore item in Inq. room till I created my assassin.

  2. Don't know if you're still doing the guild badges or not...but if so., I'll need one for each side. thanks.

  3. Funny thing is, we were apparently starting from similar points as well (you mentioned 44, I think mine was at 43 when I got there). Qin'ing said he ran up at least 10 or more lvls and was around 43 when I got out. Although, when I went to Ilum the 1st time, I think I was in the low 30s. Went to see what it looked like and mim was there, so he took me around on one of his runs.


    Just wonder if they do it on the Imp side, b/c my merc could use the boost. Been languishing, esp considering he's the 2nd one I created. Didn't think much of Tioneese gears' appearances. But I looked at a lot of that stuff last week out of curiosity. Didn't really bowl me over on looks. Funny think about rakata gear (iirc) is that you either look like a 2d pig or cow. Wonder how much the artists were drinking that night. :xp:

  4. Was only 1/2 joking about hitting lvl 50 before turning in, but reached it somewhere between 10:30-11PM. Now just gotta get outfitted properly. Thanks for invite, just wish I'd asked sooner about how things were going (or that you mentioned). I'd almost bet that w/these 2x point weekends that if someone could stay up for whole period, they'd get to lvl 30 or more (50 if they did that grind). Is there a minimum lvl for participating in those ops?

  5. Hey, got those damn datacrons on Tat. Didn't realize balloon floated JUST over crawler. Waited and hit target no probs.

  6. After the desert balloon ride, that just fills me w/confidence. :p

  7. Gotta find me one of those class guys just idling away then, I guess. ;) The idea of waiting for a floating ad (

    it's for the 2nd one) to get you there.....at least it's closer to the ground I suppose......so if I miss it, no long fall.
  8. How do you acquire Fleet Commendations? Space missions?

  9. Read the 2.0 update thread and get your Tumult joke now.

  10. Going back in to game shortly. Made it to that datacron that requires a code slot key on NS (the one you get at incinerator) and even made it to that thing w/only a few attempts, only to discover key had been put in ship's locker when I was moving items around last time. Didn't get so much mad, as disappointted w/myself.. Maybe b/c I thought I'd accidentally sold it. Guess I'll go back for it later. Only supposed to be a yellow shard ayway, iirc.

  11. Cool. Just got new patch and then it said something about having to repair 4 dmg files. Looked like it might take awhile, but good to go now. Started out Jedi Prisoner (Taral V) FP w/LDR, he seemed to be having trouble and I ended up just getting past bridge by sneaking and got killed by Imps on other side. So, next time I see you on, may hit you up about FPs. Haven't done too many, but reward exp and social points works for me too. Not so worried about kills on the way. I did say I was focusing on story, so..... The Cad FP seemed like nothing more than pointless brawling on the way to nowhere. Hate it when group members run off with "gold/glory fever"....

  12. Beginning to think that random team ups on FPs not worth it. Did Camemimu w/2 people last night. Both got disconnected/had issues and all I ended up w/was a 3000 cred repair bill. Doubt I'll bother with that one again (was lvl 35 for a lvl 29 FP). Been upping the cunning since you last helped on Tatooine.

  13. Made it to that datacron on NS that required a "key" (a decoder slot), only to find out I'd left it back on the ship. :migraine: Happy to make it w/relatively few attempts, but disappointed I'd screwed it up so monumentally. :headbump Looked up Imp approach to datacrons and there's a variation on Tatooine balloon ride. Great......

  14. Been so consumed (for lack of better word atm), I haven't really been back here. Just read your reply from 8 days ago. :p

  15. When I asked you that question 2x yesterday......I was looking at the wrong feed and then thought maybe there was some kind of glitch or some such. Then I realized I goofed. I guess when this Ilum-Gree thing is done, you guys go back to the dailies/ops/New Hutt add-on/etc.. Well, have fun while it lasts......

  16. 2 things: yeah, it basically is German for Death's head and that freaking map was huge. I think I've probably got between 2/3-3/4 of it now.

  17. Just as well, I hadn't sold a lot of that stuff yet. Still gotta figure out what I've got (haven't looked that closely yet). That speeder you sent was better looking than red/green one on Taris. Swapped out speeders. Gotta look up rules on subbing. Probably later today or tomorrow I think.

  18. Found Milt online earlier and have completed 1st chapter of smuggler story. Gonna look into subbing a little later. Running out of space..... :)

  19. Yeah switched servers to give my trooper on the Covenant one a little time. Will bring him and Operative over to Harbinger when I sub. Thanks again.

  20. Could you flip over to TOR server and help me take out Skavak on derelict vessel before server goes down.

  21. Upgraded PC on monday and game running much more smoothly. Mim got me into the guild yesterday for my smuggler, so now I'll have to see about the BH, probably on friday. Gotta catch up w/other toon (now lvl 26 gunslinger).

  22. You know he has to be on drugs if he's calling himself after a scifi movie character.

  23. Well, I'll need one for my BH on the Imp side. I went and bought one for the smuggler b/c I was hitting my 200k cap anyway. I'll keep that in mind though, b/c when I go sub I'll need one for my agent and also the trooper (which I'll have to bring over to Harbinger). Jasra helped me out on Tatooine earlier. Nice to ride the coattails of a lvl 40+ toon (Chevron's was lvl 40 or so Jedi on NS and hers was a lvl 50 scoundrel) when doing heroics. Thought I was winning a lot of the need/greed rolls (usually seem to lose more often than win), but noticed she was passing on the roll when I looked a little later. Come to think of it, he may have too. The 30 slot inventory gimp is getting irritating. Btw, are dailies/weeklies a 4 to 8+ man operation? Picked up mission for Coruscant and it was that 191k HP droid. Killed me w/1st or 2nd shot. Figured it was a team thing when I saw those numbers, still.....

  24. OK. Was gonna look into that anyway. Got the pop-up window informing me that friday is Imp night. Just as well. BH needs help on Nar Shaada anyway. Chevron really helped out on NS tonight. Almost made me feel like a 3rd wheel. :p . Thanks for quick action on guild thing. Cleared up remaining Taris mission w/2 other guildees as well. All together a very proiductive session. Lvled to 25 before getting out. Just as well, as I'd already hit the 200k limit and needed to burn some of it off. Now, to find a decent looking speeder..... Also, any informal rules or expectations associated w/guild membership?

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