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  1. Actually, now that I've got a femshep going, I think that video you posted should be about her normal jogging speed as well. Looks like she's skipping or something.

  2. Have found infiltrator to be pretty good.......esp w/re: to Tuchunka Reaper.

  3. Found an ME2 import w/only two survivors (Morinth and Grunt) and no other crew than Joker. Not quite so "stylish" w/o Garrus. Also, another stupid oversight is that if you bring Ken and Gabby over, they only have side commentary if Ashley lives, not Kaidan. Kaidan, unlike Ash, does not stay in the Observation deck most of the game. Found the huntress consequence entry in a different playthrough.

  4. Overall, I liked it. It easily had its share of moments and humor throughout and there was no sappy ending (ie "giant off switch"/deus ex machina) w/Shep riding off into the sunset. I half wonder if EA isn't behind much of the paid DLC desicions. Look at ME2, most of it cosmetic. Then charging $10 for Prothy DLC. :rolleyes: Won't be doing the MMO stuff, but there are enough angles in game to keep me playing SP for awhile. Btw, was your big Krogan Liara by any chance? :p If you find some time, maybe you could post your overall impressions of the franchise in http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209826.

  5. So, have you played it (ME3) yet? If so, what did you think overall?

  6. So, have you finished ME3 yet? More than once?

  7. So, have you finished ME3? If so, which ending? Got "3rd" ending option w/import, but they all basically amount to same thing for Shep. Besides, given that this was supposed to be end of Shep's story arc, he/she really doesn't need to live.

  8. Two things, couldn't find consequences of giving asari the gun and the citadel defense entries showed up under Alien heading after the coup attempt (as did Jack in the bar). Maybe there's some kind of lag. Will periodically check war assets whenever I end up back there. Figured the Conrad thing out. He was in opposite direction of where I went to fix 1st aid boxes and so I missed him. The way they handle some of the secondary and tertiary npcs seems haphazard. Finally, have picked up Tali and can only wonder if I'll have enough conditions covered to spare both geth and quarians.

  9. Ok. The Citadel Defense entries must show up post-Udina, b/c I've done a few but they don't show up yet and I still have to do the genophage mission. Also, some of Liara's exchanges with Aethyta were funny.

  10. How long after approving asari request before payoff? Thought there'd be something shortly after and figured I'd wrap that up on my previous trip to Citadel.

  11. How would you like it prepared.....meduim or well done? :xp:

  12. Good to know, b/c I can replay that section accordingly now. It's just a few saves back from the Reaper fight. thanks.

  13. Good to know, b/c I can replay that section accordingly now. It's just a few saves back from the Reaper fight. thanks.

  14. I believe that she has a soulful comment or two in the negative ending as well for Legion. I have to look at that checklist of conditions so that I get both sides. I think the only one I was missing was the fighter base, but read that some people claimed that didn't matter. I usually picked the "crush you under my bootheels" option in ME2 when Tali 'n Legion go at each other. I did laugh a bit when Garrus told Shep 'n Tali to get a room on the dreadnought mission. As to Tali, at least the stock photo they used made her look pretty decent. Still, mght be better that you don't see her face in game as a number of the face models they use are only so-so.

  15. Took a look at my current ME2 import options and and found that the members that died most often were Jack, Thane and Legion (5x each). Tali and Mordin (2x) and Grunt (1x). Looks like Garrus dodged that bullet. I may have some older games where some of the others bought it. It was a little odd w/o Tali, but Garrus' absence would be even more noticeable. I'd agree that the handling of the relationships amongst the crew made this a much more enjoyable game.

  16. Finally sat through Synthesis option earlier today. Saw the "Shep lives" segment on YT and have to agree that it's nothing to strive for. I guess I only really need to see what happens w/TIM when the last par/ren option isn't grayed out on me. I think it's a Saren kind of thing iirc what I read somewhere. People post this stuff so quickly you could almost just watch the game on YT. Now that I finished the 2nd playthrough, I'll probably go back to that Reaper fight on Rannoch and side w/Tali this time. Beats starting from scratch (it was about 70% finished at that point). Do Tali and Liara have words with each other? A simple yes or no would suffice. ;) I was under the impression before ME3 came out that there might be catfight potential over Shep's wandering eye.

  17. Got synthesis option (haven't watched it yet), but Shep still still dies in other 2. Only Ash and Vega exit the Normandy after Jeff. Guess I'll have to find out how to keep Shep alive thru Kill/Control options. It's funny how rattled people are getting over the end. I gauge it as not great, could've been better. Also, kind of wonder how the ME3 plays out w/o Tali and Garrus being imported over....

  18. Had an odd occurrence. Tali showed up in the romance scene in Shep's cabin before Cronus despite having died. I guess if you're not romancing Ash, it's like Zaeed/Kasumi dlg for most part. Back on Earth, so now to see which ending I get.

  19. You mean where Jack and Thane were your Shep's LI, right? Not just in general? I've got a dozen or so potential imports from over the last two years, less than 1/2 of them with everyone surviving. I'm sure Tali was one of the casualties in one/some of them. Usually Mordin got cacked when I lost someone. Will go back later and check b/c I'm curious now myself. Also, I think on my ME3 import I'm gonna screw over the Krogan this time (I've got Wreav and not Wrex and "Eve" dies anyway b/c the default decision is to destroy Maelon's data). One good thing about default is that siding w/Tali is a no brainer b/c w/o Legion you've no real connection to geth.

  20. Well, like a dummy, I forgot to copy that autosave where you fight the Reaper before finally beating it. So, I've got the save right before the Normandy drops a bomb down that shaft. Pretty sure I'll just have to side with Tali for aforementioned reason. Still, had Quarians on side 1st run, will stick with Geth to see how that plays out. Some crew took it a little hard. Speaking of consequences, I've not seen any of the players take rejection hard. Maybe I've got to go back to the 1st LI and see if it makes the 2nd LI jealous/despondent/angry... Both Kaidan and Liara have taken being dumped pretty gracefully for most part (or so far, anyway).

  21. Looks like I got the horrible geth/quarian ending this round. Thought I had enough of the preconditions to broker compromise...... Ashame, b/c Tali was the LI this time.

  22. So, did you recognize any landmarks besides Big Ben? I figured they'd catch crap if they dropped it from the game after featuring it so prominently in the trailer/s. The ending notwithstanding, I thought the level of humor and camraderie on the ship was a big improvement over the previous 2.

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