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  1. Hehe, it was all right. Not very eventful, but we've all gotten lazy with gift-giving. I'm considering just moving to cards for birthdays and Christmases in the future. How's your current PC for gaming? Good that you're techy enough to DIY though, you'll get a cheap but awesome one. I always wish that I could but am far too lazy to learn how to.

  2. Thanks :D Well, they are not happening at the moment. I have to revise ALL my anatomy and fully intended to do so during this holiday but...heh :p Mayhap I shouldn't bring my laptop when I go down to visit my friends and bring my notes so that I'll study while they are in class. Yourself? How much more high school have you got?

  3. Drop the Murakami, go read Special Topics in Calamity Physics! Am reading Brave New World atm, next up is Don Quixote!

  4. Also I am n00b, I typed out a reply and didn't hit reply? And lost the message. *fails at life*


    Haha, I suppose so but I cannot understand spoken Tagalog :p


    I don't mind it (although I freely admit to liking nice lodgings), but I shall do it when I am earning my own dough, although that's assuming that I will have the time to do it! Switzerland is lovely, but there's not a lot to see in Geneva. Sad to say, train passes will set you back by a few hundred euros @_@ I swung by Montreux while I was there, and I rather liked the town. Very scenic! I've been to lots of places, albeit on packaged tours/short trips. UK and Europe when I was young, USA (Orlando, Miami), New Zealand, China (but not Beijing yet, sigh). And Australia of course, but just Melbourne for a few days and Sydney as a home for the moment! Where have you been to? Traveling isn't fun but seeing the places is :p Flights are horrible.


    Happy new year! :D Any resolutions?

  5. Do not mock my icy looks! I can be haughty when I want to! Although how effective it is remains open to debate :p What kind of comparisons, hmm? More differences or similarities? Wow, no wonder economists keep predicting the end of the world :p But yeah, you can go become an investment banker with an econs degree ;o Go straight from being the prophet heralding the end to the bringer of Armageddon!


    Medicine is awesome, but I don't see how anyone who didn't wanna do it in the first place would enjoy it (i.e. all those who drifted in just because they had good enough results). That's good, if you become a politician I'll have to resent you on principle because all politicians are evil demonspawn :p


    That's what you say! It's just an excuse :p


    I prefer to think I will not go into academics and thus not need to do experiment. They are a dull pain in the behind. Haha, that's cuz it's Christmas!

  6. Thanks Darathy! <3 I hear it's freeeeeezing over there (well, in London anyway), hope you have lots of warm fuzzy blankies and loved ones for cuddles and warmth!

  7. Ohai Ian! I am failing as a moderator ;P



    Thanks hams <3 How have you been?

  9. Thanks! <3 It's all I ever wanted! I wubs the stethoscope!~

  10. Details you shall have! I am back in my native land of food lovers, corrupt politicians, air that is the consistency of toothpaste, traffic jams and cheesy materialism. Hung out with friends and family yesterday, huhuhu. I've decided that drinking in LOUD club/pub hybrids is not my thing. And also, my friend whirled me about and swept me off my feet, tango-style and it was awesome. You should learn! (Although it was really weird to see him dancing, but anyway)

  11. The prequels definitely need way more work, especially the Anakin/Padme romance. Watching it was torture :p I would, but every time I do, hours of my life just vanish :p

  12. Hehe, that is exactly right! Nah, no family ;o My dad refuses to look up distant relatives in China, and even those would be on the mainland proper...somewhere. I passed anyway, but hope it wasn't by the skin of my teeth! Full results won't be out for a while yet. How's your Christmas going? :)

  13. Thanks bro <3 Didn't it have Rain in it or something? I only remember him because he had a smashing hawt body :p Will watch it if I ever get my hands on a copy, hehe.

  14. So how did you go with the job hunting? Oh, New York would be so awesome! Haha, it's not so much anything as having to spend my time writing stupid bullcrap when I coiuld be studying instead!


    Merry Christmas, send me pics of snow and snowmen!

  15. But...but...it;s fun :(


    Merry Christmas, lil bro!

  16. Haha, no, I don't :p Do you? I'm told that Malay is somewhat similar to Tagalog though, and I speak that.


    Hmm, summer hols for me and winter hols for you I guess! Do you get white Christmases where you are? So where in Europe are you planning to go? I wish I could go back there and backpack around... Must try to work in UK when I have more qualifications and then can travel all the time!


    Also, Merry Christmas!

  17. Laohu, are you responsible for the monsoon rains??!! Merry Christmas!

  18. Also, Merry Christmas!

  19. Merry Christmas, Darathy! :)

  20. Ohai Mav, no I didn't! And Merry Christmas :)

  21. She did it in the end! After I vacuumed :p Also, the picture link is broken, excuse my tardiness :p I had been madly studying for my final, and then in the end most of what I studied didn't come out but that's always how it is anyway :p Then came home and went to Macau and slaaaaaaaaaaacked with family and friends. How have you been?


    Merry Christmas!

  22. I'm not planning to kill people ok! Not yet anyway :p For the moment I am content to merely inflict icy looks or blank stares :p And medicine is good, it's definitely the right course for me ^_^ The flip side is that it's always on my mind >.>


    Haha, I can see why! Hopefully more damage to your table than forehead (although that would mean you're thick-headed, hmmm :p ). Hee, is your first year over yet? Any idea what you want to major in? I always thought sociology (was that the one analysing people's behaviour?) would be pretty fun, albeit somewhat depressing :p

  23. Jon Jon send me the link for your fic again! Only a thousand years later, I am ready to give you constructive criticism but can't find it in all the threads you've started :p

  24. ...Kreia? *smiles hesitantly*

  25. Heh, so do you still have 2 MPs? You wouldn't be completely dead unless you got knocked out of the Parliament/assembly *completely*. Hah! Well, I prefer to live in differently areas, if only to avoid being, uh, solicited for services that I don't offer >.>


    What kinda development are you studying? Studying rarely makes me angry, it just makes me oh-so-sleepy. 2 pages of anatomy is good for a two hour nap ;o

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