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  1. Because you knew what my dream was. and you took it away so you could have my dream for yourself


    *Arms blaster*

  2. I think that your trying to upstage me...you knew your story's name would draw more viewers then mine.

  3. Why did you name your story In the End...

  4. Once you what Jmac posted, you can't unsee it. no matter how hard you try

  5. The image is stuck in my mind...i can't get it out...

  6. Jmac frightens me. He is the anti-life.

  7. The problem is that people seem to be looking only at the summery and not the whole story, they look at the summery, don't think much of it, then move onto the next story

  8. No. no i did not know that

  9. I can now feed the clan for a week!

  10. Awww....you already promised CQ your vote?

    *crys a little then goes out to kill something to cheer himself up*

  11. Doing good. How goes the traveling? See any Daleks recently?

  12. Alright. My mandalorian backstory has been updated

  13. I plan on watching that thread all day and night...I need to know who wins!

  14. How can that be if you only have one vote to give?

  15. So CQ...the scoundrals prize is now tied between you and I

  16. *Silently puts aways his SSPP girl stuff*

  17. You will know when you check out children of mandalore.

  18. what did you think of my story entry? I read yours and i rather liked it

  19. You should delete that thread man. That part of the forum isnt made for advertising. we reall don't advertise on LF

  20. I think our time travel situation has not improved. when he broke the time machine he made things worse

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