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  1. Kaaaaddoooooooo!!!!!!!! :D

  2. I don't remember exactly but this is what I think I did:


    1)I got some pics of the Corusant clone troopers from the new TV series.


    2)Then in photoshop I selected areas that I wanted to recolor and changed the color using the "color overlay" layer option (Hard light blending). The complex designs on Wurm are brushes (again on Hard light Blending).


    That is about it :) .

  3. Hey Padwon, just wondering how did you make your pictures of Wurm and Orm on the CCP site?

  4. lol alright, your going to enjoy it, definitely one of my favorite star wars book series.

  5. Well, between school, baby-sitting the neighbor's dog, and the internet going out again (stupid router -_-), I haven't gotten to read your story much yet. I'm a few chapters into it, but I think I'll stop there for a bit, 'cuz I've never read the Legacy of the Force series. :o Tomorrow or the day after my mom and I are goin' to a bookstore, and I was planning to get that series anyway...so I'm gonna wait until I finish reading them. (Don't worry, I'm a fast reader. :))

  6. no worries. :) sorry to hear your sick? What deadly poison have you ingested? :conspire:

  7. :lol: I'm sick, so I'm keeping odd hours. ;)


    Sorry I didn't review it yesterday morning--stupid internet stopped working. >_< I'm off to read it now!

  8. pretty good, glad its summer and dreading the coming of fall and winter. lol

  9. Yeah, I think I saw a few of them when they were posted, but I haven't gotten to posting yet...that will change:D Thanks for the update!:)


    Anyways, I'm doing really well:D Life is looking up as I learn new things and meet new people...and my inspiration for writing is growing...so expect a story soon:D


    So, how are you doing?:D

  10. lol Im not even going to ask what your doing awake at 4 in the morning but thanks. :D

  11. Yea, sure. :) I'll do it in the morning though...it's four AM here, so I'm barely coherant. :lol:

  12. I don't know any either. I'm just a big Rush fan, and I enjoyed both Mamma Mia and Across the Universe, so I thought I could apply the same idea to Rush songs.

  13. lol, I was reading it when I received your message. The Force was with me it seems. I liked it. The musical pieces were rather interesting. I've been to a fair few musicals in my life, but I've never actually seen a sci-fi musical. lol

  14. Want to take a look at my fic 2112?

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