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  1. :) thanks, I'm glad you liked it:thmbup1:
  2. :eek: Now I'm excited, btw did you see LoH's post. Its one of those you guys were both responding at the same time deals.
  3. Chev suggested a really cool idea to me and I want to know what you think.


    Takai is the one who tortures Asuka into joining. I going to have him and Takeda sperate and Takai will get his old body back.

  4. He reminds me of Gordon Freeman :) Feel free to use them both in the rp...speaking of which I should hopefully have the casting call for the rp up sometime tomorrow.


    By the way have you ever heard of the game Champions Online?

  5. Hi Hi! Its always good to hear back from you :)


    I got some more free time, so here I am.

  6. I hate Ulquiorra so much. I really don't know why he's so well liked. I'm not really a big fan of Aizen either. That's why I plan on not having him too involved with the rp.


    Btw, how is your fan fiction coming along.

  7. I like that, Yup that would make him the first.


    Yeah good ole Takai takes after Hollow Ichigo one of if not my favorite characters on the show. Well him and Kenpachi switch between first and second constantly.

  8. I might let him live but I did have a death for him planned from the beginning, I'll think about it.


    As for Takai...he'd have to be bribed or something like that to join. He's a killer and likes to kill for fun, and I would also have to seperate him from Takeda

  9. I see, well I hope you enjoy the game :)


    So is Shepard taking an interest in Jacob?

  10. I was going for the creepy he's undead and doesn't bleed since he did before thing but I can work the blood thing in


    Edit: I changed the posts

  11. I'll see what I can do about that. By the way...

    I <3 Tali...and Legion, but Tali more. So how's your ME2 experience going, did you finish the game?

  12. I'm doing great, I've just been relaxing and enjoying my summer.


    Oh and I posted in Legacy, sorry about the no post there.

  13. I'm doing pretty well. I finally got some free time :)


    How about yourself?

  14. I'm so sad, I had a feeling it was like the book it before. As I did model Black after Marston I wished I had done a better job for you by making him chug some wine. Do you want any other characters from the book in there? I could try to throw Blore in there.


    And now I'm curious are there really ghosts?

  15. I've been busy, but good. How about you?


    PS: we gotta play some Reach again soon

  16. Nope, your character is good to go.


    I'm just waiting to see if anyone else wants to join and then we can start.

  17. Not too much other than typing up more papers, you?


    Thanks :) Yep, he's going to become one evil dude

  18. Nothing much here, just enjoying summer


    Good luck next year by the way

  19. ok sweet, other wise my posts would have to go like this...


    " "

  20. Pretty good, sorry about the no reply there for a bit.


    I'd say that's quite possible. It might take some serious digging to get that info, but still there :)

  21. Shiny green badges are very nice indeed, but if I don't get one its perfectly fine with me. In the mean time though you can have this:


    The Chev Badge: Awarded to those who post way too many smiles in posts...and abuse CQs.


    :stick: < CQ



  22. sorry about that, who knew summer break could make you forget so many things.


    I was also wondering if I could make another character for A Glimmer of Hope?

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